TV – How To Keep A Resilient Mind In Business – Rev. Dr. Marianne Padjan

TV – How To Keep A Resilient Mind In Business – Rev. Dr. Marianne Padjan

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February 29, 2024 by *Connected Leaders Academy

Connected Leaders Academy

How to keep a resilient mind in business is very difficult for most entrepreneurs. Because we have a tendency to take things personally and in business. You should not take things personally, so it is extremely important to keep our boundaries intact and. It is crucially important to continuously workout our self love and self worth muscle.

We all know what we need to do to keep our physical body in shape. Our mind is equally as important if not even more. It is Essential to keep Ourselves in top shape when dealing with clients, colleagues and Employees. This is what Differentiates Leaders from followers.
Managing our own mind and thoughts. It’s one of the most important jobs we will have as a leader . If you think that because you’re a one man entrepreneur, that you are not a leader. You are mistaken as you are always leading your clients/ customer.

The world is calling for
Strong leadership more than ever before.
The call to be a leader.
Is not for everyone.. It comes to the confident, powerful and
The resilient! Clear your mind of the cobwebs that have been blocking you from moving forward and embrace your future.You are being called Now !!! What will you answer!?!

Marianne is a 22X international, award winning, bestselling author, her love of helping entrepreneurs has spanned into a business as an Intuitive/Empowerment Coach, a workshop and Summit Facilitator, Retreat Leader, Ordained Minister, a Reiki Master, Meditation Specialist, Kundalini Yoga teacher, a DIGITAL TV podcast show host of MEDITATION MILLIONARE and a Real Estate agent with EXP Realty Brokerage, where she specializes in working with investors and is an investor herself. Definitely an eclectic variety that keeps her busy!

Marianne has impacted many lives both professionally as well as personally. She has guided people form divorce to marriage as well as from bankruptcy to millionaire. She enjoys engaging people in their own growth so that they may discover their power and thrive! She also hosts a women’s group MPowered Resilient Women International Mastermind where a high-end group of women inspire each other to aim even higher. Marianne is now also an executive contributor as well as on the expert panel and PR at Brainz Magazine. MPoweredTalks is a powerful platform where she helps people expand their exposure and credibility!

As the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of MPowered Voice Publishing/Coaching, Marianne Padjan will help you uncover your hidden GREATNESS so that you may Thrive in your love life and business!


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