TV – Fight Or Flight! – Sandee Byrd

TV – Fight Or Flight! – Sandee Byrd

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May 2, 2024 by *Emotional Elevator with Sandee Byrd

Emotional Elevator with Sandee Byrd 

Do you know if your response is fight or flight? Do you know why you respond with fight or flight? Do you know when you developed fight or flight? Do you know there are chemicals your body produces in fight or flight?

In this episode Sandee Byrd, the host of Emotional Elevator will guide you through fight or flight responses. Sandee will talk about the chemicals your body produces when you are going through fight or flight and the reactions they have on your response. Sandee will talk about suppressed trauma that can create your response. Sandee will give techniques to become aware of your fight or flight response. Sandee will help you elevate your emotions to create those chemicals without fighting or flighting.

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~ More About Emotional Elevator with Sandee Byrd ~ 

Sandee Byrd is a trauma/addiction life and spiritual coach that teaches both women and men to dive deep into their emotions that keep them trapped in addictive behaviors and psychological trauma.  Her techniques are breathwork and hypnosis to get to the deep-rooted feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.  Sandee is also a leader in her community of laughter yoga. Sandee believes that once you elevate your emotions it is time to bring childlike behaviors back into your life.  Sandee uses her life as an example for those around her.  She inspires people that healing can be achieved at any age.  She shows everyone through her own healing of psychological trauma and emotional addictions that joy, confidence, and freedom can be obtained.  Sandee was stuck on the emotional elevator for 40+ years of her life and decided to elevate her emotions to the penthouse suite.

Sandee’s clients are taught to elevate their emotions through many different techniques.  Sandee designs each program around the individual and what makes the client open to emotionally being available.  Some of her techniques involve walking therapy, cooking therapy, and sporting therapy.  Sandee’s approach to coaching is one size doesn’t fit all.  Sandee believes we are all individuals with individual responses to trauma.  Sandee believes our elevators are all on different floors, but we can all meet on the ground floor and work together to get to the penthouse.

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