The Strong and Capable – Brigette Heller

The Strong and Capable – Brigette Heller

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May 14, 2024 by *Sparks of Hope, Shooting for Success

Sparks of Hope, Shooting for Success Summit

The last thing to die is hope” (Ukrainian Proverb) – Brigette Heller knows what it’s like to lose hope. Through the loss of her closest friend/sister to battling crippling anxiety and depression, she has fought the darkness time and time again.

Through this journey, she has created her signature 3-step process for finding, igniting, and growing your hopes into desires, and desires into IMPACT. It’s time to live a life you love; it’s time to become Strong and Capable.

Brigette Heller, a Motivational Speaker and Emotional Resilience Coach, channels her personal journey and passion for personal growth and empowerment into her acclaimed podcast, “The Strong and Capable,” where she inspires both women and men to embrace their inherent worth and overcome self-doubt.

Through her membership program, “The Queens Circle,” she provides a supportive community for individuals seeking to cultivate resilience and leadership skills. Armed with her signature “Three Step Strong and Capable Process,” Brigette equips her audience with tools to navigate life’s challenges and step confidently into leadership roles, fostering holistic well-being along the way.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Brigette finds fulfillment in her roles as a loving wife, devoted mother to three independent children and three dogs, avid reader, piano teacher, volunteer youth mentor, and occasional Disney princess, Brigette Loves a little sparkle in everything she does.


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