Taking Ownership Of Where You Are At Moves You Forward – Gordon D. Melville

Taking Ownership Of Where You Are At Moves You Forward – Gordon D. Melville

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May 17, 2024 by *The Long Bearded Guy

The Long Bearded Guy ~ Gordon D. Melville 

We become where our habits take us! Did you earn it? Did you position yourself properly for it or are you looking for a handout?!

Priorities, what is important to me will guide what I choose to do. I’ve always said show me your check book and day-timer, where you choose to spend your money and time is your priority regardless of the crap stories we tell ourselves and others, just own it!  If you don’t like where you’re at make different choices! Prioritize differently!

Come & join in this episode which promises to lift your spirit & transform your life if you allow it to! The Long Bearded Guy, Gordon D Melville, Champion Mindset Mentor to the pros, the Legacy & Resiliency Strategist at JEWIL International cordially invites you to have your chain shook, your self-made cage rattled & your long held preconceived notions about yourself pulled apart with other growth-minded people! Got the guts?! I double-dog-dare-ya! Remember to bring your journal & your friends & let’s get after it! 

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Gordon D is Founder, CEO, and the Legacy & Resiliency Strategist at Jewil International, ‘The King of EQ!’, the Executive Producer, Digital Radio Host, Podcaster & TV Personality of the nationally syndicated ‘The Long Bearded Guy’! He is the Mindset & Energy Mentor for a Pro basketball team and is a multiple times award-winning and International Best Selling Author, as well as an Internationally Renowned Keynote Speaker who is on a mission to positively change the lives of every man he meets! Gordon D has worked with the likes of Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, and Zig Ziglar while developing his own coaching specialization. 

When not writing, podcasting, or mentoring, Gordon D can be found focusing on his spiritual health alongside his wife of 31+ years and his three teenage sons in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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