Quitting? Or Choosing? ~ Petrina Fava

Quitting? Or Choosing? ~ Petrina Fava

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October 3, 2016 by Messy Adventures In Living

You can’t stay at any one job for very long. Just when you start getting good at one thing you become interested in something else. When you were a kid, you wanted to learn guitar, then piano, then trumpet, then drums and then guitar again. You jump from one thing to the next and never stick to one thing. You wonder why that business you started a few years ago with so much enthusiasm is suddenly boring. Your relationships never last.  Do you quit too easily? Or … do you have a high level of creativity and a low tolerance for boredom? Are you a quitter? Or a chooser?

Are you trying hard to get life right? Are you waiting to get everything perfect and all lined up before you even begin living?  What would it be like to jump right into the messy adventure and start creating the life you truly desire; all while having more fun than you can possibly imagine?   You are invited to come get messy with us and discover that everything you always knew was possible is waiting for you to choose it. Are you looking for change? What if the magic is right in your own hands?


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