Pout…Hate…or OUTCREATE! ~ Petrina Fava

Pout…Hate…or OUTCREATE! ~ Petrina Fava

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June 5, 2017 by Messy Adventures In Living

Messy Adventures in Living ~ Petrina Fava Radio Show

How many people have stabbed you in the back? Wronged you? Ripped you off? Stolen your ideas?

You can get angry. You can get jealous. You can hate. Or … you can be so grateful for that energy and use it to outcreate! What does holding onto anger, jealousy and hate create in your body? What shows up in your body when you are in creation mode? So…what will you choose?

Petrina Fava is always creating something new and it’s almost always quite messy! She enjoys having lots of projects on the go all while being a perfectly imperfect wife and mom of three!



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