Mental Awareness Is For Everyone Without Exception! – Gordon D. Melville

Mental Awareness Is For Everyone Without Exception! – Gordon D. Melville

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July 21, 2023 by *The Long Bearded Guy

The Long Bearded Guy ~ Gordon D. Melville 

The unintended obtuse believe that mental awareness is restricted to the statistical “1 in 5” who admit to experiencing it. The absolute truth & reality is that 5 in 5, yes everyone has mental awareness. That’s right believe it or not! We are all on that spectrum! It’s inclusive for everyone whether they have awareness of that or acknowledge that or not! We are all on that mental awareness spectrum! There are multiple lenses to view this concept thru, to help explain & illustrate these concepts that everyone is on this range. We sheepishly hide our judgement of folks struggling in these ways by using words like “stigma”. Alas, that tragically thinly veils our misunderstanding & lack of self-awareness surrounding this critical topic which needs to be blown wide open! Everyone is involved whether we realize it, like it or even understand that or not! This means if we are not a part of the solution, unfortunately we are a part of the shameful problem!

Let’s be real & raw as he promised you he’d be, and call a spade a shovel here! Join Gordon D Melville, The Long Bearded Guy & King of EQ on his mission to positively change the lives of 10 million men by raising their Emotional Quotient or EQ! That must begin with everyone having clear, wide-eyed, honest awareness of these realities! Bring your journal & a friend or 2 & let’s not sugar coat what is any longer. Let’s call it exactly what it is, but not worse than it is either; towards overall keen mental awareness health & wellness support for everyone! Let’s get after it!

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Gordon is Founder and Chief Catalyst Strategist Guide at JEWIL International, he is the host of ‘The Long Bearded Guy’ digital radio show, podcast and tv show, an elite high performance ‘Mindset mentor’, Multi-Award Winning, International Best Selling Author and international keynote speaker who teaches entrepreneurs to navigate mental awareness & health in a world of judgement and toxic masculinity, Gordon is Co-Owner of ‘momondays Waterloo’. He sits on several boards, is active in his church and volunteers with several charities. When not writing, podcasting or coaching he can be found focusing on his own spiritual & physical health alongside his wife of 30+ years and 3 teenage sons in Waterloo Ontario Canada!

After being introduced to the world of sales through the automotive industry, Gordon went on to work with several of the biggest names in the personal development world including Zig Zigler and Grant Cardone intentionally growing & developing his own coaching specialization. More recently, Gordon battled and continues to win the war of depression from severe burnout due to no self-care and has since completely reprioritized everything in his life.

Gordon’s personal development journey has already been well over 30+ years and includes coaching certification in multiple disciplines through Robbins/Madanes and others.

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