Me? Change the World? ~ Petrina Fava

Me? Change the World? ~ Petrina Fava

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July 25, 2016 by Messy Adventures In Living

Yes. You Can. And it’s nothing like what you think it is.  Do you look around at people travelling the world giving inspiring seminars and TED talks, building schools in third world countries or starting movements that inspire people across the globe and think … “I could never do anything that big, I could never do anything that impactful?”

TED talks, building schools and spearheading movements can create enormous change! And…there’s more.  It starts with you.  What if your choices are not just one small drop in the vast ocean?  The wonderful poet Rumi said “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop”. You are not just small person in this vast universe. You ARE the entire Universe. All the miracles of the universe are within you. The world is demanding change. You are the world. Time to step up and BE the change.Are you trying hard to get life right?

Are you waiting to get everything perfect and all lined up before you even begin living?  What would it be like to jump right into the messy adventure and start creating the life you truly desire; all while having more fun than you can possibly imagine?   You are invited to come get messy with us and discover that everything you always knew was possible is waiting for you to choose it. Are you looking for change? What if the magic is right in your own hands?

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