Is Cramming Into Your Skinny Jeans Making Your Fatter? Guest – Kim Cooper

Is Cramming Into Your Skinny Jeans Making Your Fatter? Guest – Kim Cooper

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January 18, 2016 by Messy Adventures In Living

So, where’s your stash of skinny clothes? How long are you going to hold onto them as the ideal of what you once were and the fantasy of what you might be that you think is better than they lumpy frumpy self you see yourself as now? Are you using your skinny clothes as motivation to lose weight? To judge yourself out of your “fat” body and back into your “skinny” one? Do you hate your “fat clothes”? Do you resist shopping in the plus size section? How’s that working out so far? Is it fun? How does your body feel when you try to squeeze it into one size smaller than it actually is? What if honoring your body with clothes that fit well, nurturing it with everything that is wonderful and even surrounding it with beautiful things could be the catalyst for inviting it to change?

Guest Kim Cooper is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Author, Magic Maker, and founder of The anti-resolution REVOLUTION! You can learn more about Kim and the Revolution at

Are you trying hard to get life right? Are you waiting to get everything perfect and all lined up before you even begin living?  What would it be like to jump right into the messy adventure and start creating the life you truly desire; all while having more fun than you can possibly imagine?   You are invited to come get messy with us and discover that everything you always knew was possible is waiting for you to choose it. Are you looking for change? What if the magic is right in your own hands?

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