Health, Heaven & Hope – My Unanticipated Meeting – Char McCreadie

Health, Heaven & Hope – My Unanticipated Meeting – Char McCreadie

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May 14, 2024 by *Sparks of Hope, Shooting for Success

When my health tanked and I found myself in the heavenly realms is when I REALLY “got it” – I got that I truly had lost all hope earthside! WOW!

In an unlikely encounter with The Lord, my hope was restored and put a new pep in my step when I returned to my physical body to begin walking out living again. Join me as we unpack the details and better understand that Health, Heaven & Hope truly are a family tree worth strengthening each day of life. After all, isn’t it about LIVING that Dream Life every day OF our life?

This Overcomer’s story takes you on the ride of your life with a lifetime of lessons. Warrior. Fighter. Veteran. Thriving Survivor. Champion. Speaker. Leader. Published Author and Mobile Entrepreneur.

Char McCreadie served in Desert Shield/Storm and is a 9-11 Pentagon Survivor, and part of the first decade of women to graduate from the US Air Force Academy with an Officer Commission. She also received three Masters Degrees through the US Air Force Institute of Technology Non-resident Program.

As the Lead Warrior Woman, Char helps entrepreneurs create greater freedom and success by connecting with their Inner Warrior using her 3-Step Transformational System. Using her diverse background, blended with her real-life warrior experience and healing journey, she offers practical steps to help others live a courageous life in bold humility mixed with humor and fun too!

Currently, Char is the owner of Fly Far with Char & Founder of Warrior Women Worldwide. She is a tsunami wave of positivity and her goal is to live full time on the beaches of the world. While she holds many educational degrees, she’s all about ensuring women get their PhD in Life with an M.B.A. (Massive Bank Account) while empowering their inner warrior to look & feel their best so they can dream, design and live their ultimate life everyday OF their life.

The Warrior Mindset & Power tools aren’t just for soldiers – they are for All!
After all, Wonder Woman is NOT a fictional character!


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