Healing Conflict with Dream Alchemy – Katherine Ladd

Healing Conflict with Dream Alchemy – Katherine Ladd

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May 14, 2024 by *Sparks of Hope, Shooting for Success

There are many ways you can work with the energy of hope. Depending on your personal programming and beliefs you will have yours. It is very likely that you do not even realize that your beliefs about hope have been given to you and they may not be a match to what is true for you. This will be the main reason you struggle with maintaining hope at different times in your life.


Kate Ladd is a recovered California litigator and Australia trained naturopath currently pursuing her PhD in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology. Her research explores how people hold conflict in their bodies, and particularly how women tend to internalize conflict to create self-destructive chronic illness. Having herself overcome a thirty-year history of living with multiple sclerosis as well as a breast cancer diagnosis, Kate has applied her knowledge of working with the unconscious to achieve her own healing.

Dream Alchemy and Alchemical Mediation are two processes rooted in imaginal psychology Kate developed to more creatively and effectively resolve both internal and external conflicts.

Ms. Ladd has presented her work on discovering “soul in symptom” internationally and offers healing dreamwork retreats around the globe in beautiful environments where participants engage in imaginal work to obtain lasting transformation.






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