“Fixing”, You’re Fired! “Creating Greater”, You’re Hired! ~ Petrina Fava

“Fixing”, You’re Fired! “Creating Greater”, You’re Hired! ~ Petrina Fava

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February 1, 2016 by Messy Adventures In Living

What if nothing is wrong with you? NOTHING? Not even … THAT? How long have you been trying to fix you? Fix someone else? Fix the world? Is it working? Do you know something else is possible with that thing you’d like to change? You don’t have to make it wrong to change it! In fact, you can’t change anything you are judging! What if you could create something greater rather than fixing what you have decided is wrong? Join us and find out how you can shift from fixing  problems to creating greater in your life! It’s easier than you think!

For details about the class Petrina mentioned Conscious Birthing and Beyond Illusion to Reality Global Series



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