Enneagram with Guest Whitney Warne

Enneagram with Guest Whitney Warne

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August 9, 2021 by The Kathleen Riessen Show

The Kathleen Riessen Show 

Imagine that you knew your superhero character – your name, your outfit and your greatest gifts. In this show, I interview Whitney Warne who knows all things Enneagram. She’s going to explain this hot topic and teach you what you need to know about yourself so you can get out of your own way. ***ALERT – she pretested me and reveals my enneagram type and what that means about me to. EEEKKKK!!!***

Whitney Warne is a Certified Enneagram Facilitator, creative entrepreneur, community builder and confidence champion living in Des Moines, IA.

Whitney specializes in bringing the knowledge and depth of the Enneagram to individuals, teams and organizations. With the Enneagram as her toolbox, Whitney facilitates self-discovery, expands compassionate communication, and connects teams deeply to their mission and each other.

Whitney strives to inspire every person to level up, be their most genuine self and be unapologetically extra. When she’s not pursuing her passion and purpose through work, you can find Whitney reading and writing in her hammock, cursing her way through her Crossfit WOD, whipping up Keto-based meals with her partner Erik or picking up litter. You can find out more about everything Whitney is up to at her site www.whitneywarne.com or follow her on Instagram @whitneywarne.

https://www.whitneywarne.com/. whitney.warne@gmail.com


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