Dude, I Lost My Magic!

Dude, I Lost My Magic!

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July 20, 2016 by Love, Life & All Things Weird ~ Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer

Most of us play Hide and Seek with our magic. We have these amazing moments where seemingly everything in the universe aligns; the heavens open to magical synchronicity resulting in AHHHHHH!!! And then in a nanosecond we’re back in the crapper of UGGGGGGHH!!!

When we doubt magic, not only does magic disappear, so do we!  (Since that is who we BE!)
Join us as we share some tools to end the hide and seek game so we can truly live from the magic we’ve always been.

Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer

Here’s the link for our workshop next week: https://theweirdacademy.mykajabi.com/p/unveil-your-magic-04daed98-c1c3-4c72-b1ea-a88cb09ed7e9

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