Cultivating Calm and Connection: Empowering Overwhelmed Superwomen – Jennifer Tolo

Cultivating Calm and Connection: Empowering Overwhelmed Superwomen – Jennifer Tolo

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February 5, 2024 by *Take Action Now Summit

Even Superwoman cannot keep up with all the demands on her time and attention without feeling burned out sometimes. When we pay attention, there are signals from our mind, body and soul that tell us we need to pause, reset and refuel, but many of us high- achieving women ignore them or put off dealing with them for “later” because “we don’t have time”. This talk is for busy, overextended superwomen heading towards burnout, who are ready to reclaim their time and energy and reignite their connection with their life, their work, their purpose and take back their power. This talk will focus on reframing the concept of success, developing better self-awareness and introduce you to my signature ABC strategies for managing stress so you can begin to find moments of calm and connection in your chaotic life and feel aligned and empowered by the choices you make.

Jennifer Wren Tolo, RN is a former critical care nurse who experienced the needs of people in distress and crisis first-hand. She became an Integrative bridge to health, hope, and happiness after experiencing life-threatening health challenges with two of her four sons, followed by her own health decline. She is now a transformational life coach, chaos tamer, soul connector, bestselling author, speaker and podcaster. She combines her professional knowledge with her personal experiences to help other high-achieving, overextended superwomen reclaim their time, energy, health, and happiness.

For the past 17 years, Jennifer has helped numerous women and young adults regain their power over their lives one moment, one action, and one conscious choice at a time through her signature ABCs of Stress Management. Jen is an Adjunct Professor at Endicott College School of Nursing, where she teaches “Holistic and Complementary Approaches to Health and Healing.” She holds a BSN and Masters degree as well as certifications as a Whole Health Educator and Patient Advocate, Personal Trainer, Reiki Master, and in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. She hosts the Simple Awakenings Podcast and is an executive contributor to BRAINZ magazine. She has been featured on FOX and ABC News.




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