Choose To Change Your Lens & Change Your World! – Gordon D. Melville

Choose To Change Your Lens & Change Your World! – Gordon D. Melville

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August 4, 2023 by *The Long Bearded Guy

The Long Bearded Guy ~ Gordon D. Melville 

Recent research shows that even though approximately 95% of people THINK they have “self-awareness”, only about 10-15% really do! We have been generously gifted the ability to change our lens, but so few folks choose to actually embrace & use it! Fundamentally WE are the only person who CAN change our lens! To choose to change our lens means we are choosing to hold & execute control on the only parts of our lives we are able to, ourselves! Many of the things we don’t think we can change, change us!

Gordon D Melville, The Long Bearded Guy & The King of EQ today shines a light on our gift of being able to choose to change the lens & look at our lives, others, situations & everything in our lives differently, if we want to! He will provide his top concepts around the types of lenses to consider changing & will challenge what we believe in terms of our ability to change the lens! Bring your journal & a friend or two & let’s all grow abundantly & with intention! Let’s do this thing together here & get after it!

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Gordon is Founder and Chief Catalyst Strategist Guide at JEWIL International, he is the host of ‘The Long Bearded Guy’ digital radio show, podcast and tv show, an elite high performance ‘Mindset mentor’, Multi-Award Winning, International Best Selling Author and international keynote speaker who teaches entrepreneurs to navigate mental awareness & health in a world of judgement and toxic masculinity, Gordon is Co-Owner of ‘momondays Waterloo’. He sits on several boards, is active in his church and volunteers with several charities. When not writing, podcasting or coaching he can be found focusing on his own spiritual & physical health alongside his wife of 30+ years and 3 teenage sons in Waterloo Ontario Canada!

After being introduced to the world of sales through the automotive industry, Gordon went on to work with several of the biggest names in the personal development world including Zig Zigler and Grant Cardone intentionally growing & developing his own coaching specialization. More recently, Gordon battled and continues to win the war of depression from severe burnout due to no self-care and has since completely reprioritized everything in his life.

Gordon’s personal development journey has already been well over 30+ years and includes coaching certification in multiple disciplines through Robbins/Madanes and others.

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