Change Your Life With This Paradigm Shift – Lisa Berry

Change Your Life With This Paradigm Shift – Lisa Berry

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May 14, 2024 by *Sparks of Hope, Shooting for Success

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How does just 1 of these change your entire world In a blink of an eye?
1 insight
1 healing
1 revelation
1 forgiveness
What if you had that little insight or revelation, that shift, that changed your view on everything?

With just that 1 shift all things in life would look different.

You would act different, make different choices. Maybe even make choices you already wanted to make but couldn’t quite do it.

How different could your life be?

A paradigm shift is a truly radical shift in perception. A true change!

A shift like this:
•”I don’t deserve abundance” to “I was born deserving”
•”I haven’t worded hard enough” to “I am valuable now”
•”I always attract the wrong people” to “I am deeply worthy of true love”
•”The good stuff is for others” to “All good stuff is my birthright”
•”I’ll never get what I want” to “I always get what I care desire”
•”It’s not safe to ask for what I want” to “I have inner permission to get my desires fulfilled”

Now how is this rarefied state of a paradigm shift to be made?

What we all want is to return to our natural wholeness (that’s right wholeness is your natural state.) Wholeness is the state that says “yes” when you mean “Yes” and “No” when you mean “No.”

Paradigm shifts don’t happen quickly and they don’t happen automatically.
We have to consciously take up the inner and outer work that facilitates this level of change.

Good news, if done correctly, it’s not hard work!

During this Talk, “Change Your Life With Thos Paradigm Shift”, you’re going to find out how to not only have this paradigm shift but how to change your life to one you love.


Lisa Berry Co-Founder of Om School, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Bio-Intuitive, Certified Life Coach and Wellness Coach. International best-selling author, international radio show host, cat mom and fellow Canadian extraordinaire.


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