Being You With Your Family ~ Megan & Suzanne

Being You With Your Family ~ Megan & Suzanne

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June 28, 2017 by Love, Life & All Things Weird ~ Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer

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Do you find yourself playing out old roles with your family? Like the role of mediator? Or the favorite? Or, maybe you’re forever cast as the black sheep? How often do you fall into old patterns with family members that create anything but connection and love?

When was the last time you felt totally accepted by your family or created a place of total allowance for them?

We always say navigating family dynamics with ease and flow is as easy as winning an Olympic gold medal…ummm, like super f’ing challenging!

With summer fun upon us and the onset of family reunions, family vacations and way more together time with kids and extended family, we’re dedicating this week to opening up new possibilities around you being YOU with your family. Take a deep breath. It’s totally possible! 🙂

Hosts Megan Sillito and Suzanne Stauffer are the embodiment of “opposites attract”. Collectively, they’re the summation of Megan’s big vision coupled with Suzanne’s knack for details. Partnered in love and in business for the last five years, they’re taking co-creation to a whole new level. Join Megan and Suzanne for Love, Life, & All Things Weird, where we will talk about living a life that’s inspired, overflowing, and completely awesome.

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