Alternative Spaces with Architects ~ Guests Eena Basur & Adreesh Chakraborty

Alternative Spaces with Architects ~ Guests Eena Basur & Adreesh Chakraborty

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June 16, 2017 by Infinite Energies with Lisa Benitz

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Join Eena Basur & Adreesh Chakraborty two of India’s top architects chatting with Lisa about alternative spaces and how they envision design and architecture going forward that would add to the future of the planet.

Eena Basur & Adreesh Chakraborty are the founding directors of The Earth Home, an interior, architecture and handcrafted furniture design-build company with a target to create joyful living in every way.

Spaces have always been speaking to her, since she was a child. Adding, moving around the furniture and changing a space for joyful living is something that Eena has been playing with since she can remember. With ‘The Earth Home’ she gets to explore and widen the possibilities beyond her own space. Eena is a dynamic entrepreneur and facilitates people and businesses worldwide, to access and make available what they have to offer to the world – their voice, creations and products – with ease, to those asking for it. Eena has a wide-range experience of over 20 years in brand design and business development with established brands that include Citibank, Jet Airways, Unesco, Woodstock School, Unilever, ATS Infrastructure, to name a few and has been involved in creation and scaling of many businesses and products worldwide.

Adreesh Chakraborty is an award-winning and internationally published architect, interiors and furniture designer. He co-founded his first architecture firm straight out of college together with his batch-mate. As he grew as an architect, an entrepreneur and a being he realised business growing and the overall client satisfaction was not enough. It all began to change when Eena and he started to ask a crucial question – what kind of world are we creating here? The awareness that followed lead him to founding ‘The Earth Home’ with his partner Eena in 2015. He has an experience of over 15 years of designing and successfully building varied spaces, as intimate as homes to larger public spaces such as, hospital, institutes, commercial and housing developments. His innate capacity to facilitate what people desire as their home and living spaces and translating that into physical spaces is rather unique.

Both, Eena and Adreesh desire to invite more and more people, businesses and brands to benevolent capitalism that is about creating organic growth whilst wishing well for all. It is about being with the world in a different way….your way – the way that is joyful for you.

You can find out more about The Earth Home from:

Or contact them at They will be happy to hear from you.

Adreesh loves indulging in different creative pursuits. He is an avid amateur musician and composer. You can listen to some of his compositions at :

He also loves to write and his first creative fiction – ‘The Adventures of Inchy Slim’ is being published in August 2017.

Lisa Benitz embodies kindness and caring for unlocking the self-imposed prison we create with our debris. She shows us an easier way to create the life we have always known was possible. By removing emotional and physical baggage, she assists clients in clarifying and bringing about an ease with yourself and relationships with others. ~ ~

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