22nd Century Consciousness ~ Kathy Cook Noble

22nd Century Consciousness ~ Kathy Cook Noble

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June 20, 2018 by 22nd Century Consciousness

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Financially Speaking ~ Kathy Cook Noble

Kathy Cook Noble

Financially Speaking Package:

Bookkeeping Plus will offer a $300/month bookkeeping package for 6 months.
This package includes, up to 250 transactions/month: accounts receivable, accounts payable, government remittances, month-ends and year-end adjusting entries for accountant.

Guest Spot on Kathy’s Radio Show, Financially Speaking, a value of $150.

TOTAL VALUE $450.00 for only $197.00 CAD

Yes! I want permanent access to Kathy’s package at the value price $450 ONLY $197

EMAIL Kathy for payment options: kathy@noblecanada.ca

Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach, TV & Radio Personality, works one-on-one with individuals around all areas of life where great joy is desired.  She also works with groups and organizations. http://www.inspiredchoices.ca/

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