2016: Choose Your Own Adventure! ~ Petrina Fava

2016: Choose Your Own Adventure! ~ Petrina Fava

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January 4, 2016 by Messy Adventures In Living

Alright…it’s a brand new year! Toss your commitments to resolutions and hold onto your seat as you dive into a Choose Your Own Adventure book! Do you remember those books? I used to LOVE them! Four or five adventures in one book; the story started out the same but each one took different twists and turns depending on how you chose to turn the pages! How exciting was it to know you could choose one adventure and then choose something different next time? Did you ever peek at the end, wondering what it would be like if you chose this one or that one? What if 2016 could be a year of choosing again and again to see what shows up, rather than a year of strictly committing to inflexible and rigid goals? Come along for the ride if you dare!



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