Love, Life & All Things Weird ~ Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer

Love, Life and all things weird. Megan Silllito and Suzanne Stauffer

What if you really can have it all?  No–really? What if everything you THINK you desire is only a starting point for the life you are truly capable of creating? On Love, Life, & All Things Weird, we playfully explore topics from money to magic, healing to wholeness, creation, relationship, business and more. There’s no place we won’t go, nothing too wacky or weird in the quest to live as grand a life as possible. Hosts Megan Sillito and Suzanne Stauffer are the embodiment of “opposites attract” and the result is true synergistic power.  Partnered in love and in business, they’re taking co-creation to a whole new level. Join Megan and Suzanne for Love, Life, & All Things Weird, where we will talk about living a life that’s inspired, overflowing, and completely awesome.  

Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer


September 19, 2018-Creation 201 ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show You have conceived and incubated your creation idea and have now been gestating it and now its time to birth that baby. What does it truly take to birth a creation into the world? And how do you do it in a way that contributes to your life instead of something you sacrifice for? And most importantly of all how do you find YOUR way to create? Join this...

September 12, 2018-Creation 102 ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show What idea would you like to bring into the world? Last week we launched our creation series with talk and tools about the conception phase of creation. We’re excited to continue the series this week with the often-overlooked phase of gestation. When we conceive of bringing something new into the world we often get so excited to make it happen that we don’t...

September 5, 2018-Your Creation Tool Kit 101 ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Do you ever go to create something; a workshop, an art or craft, an online tele-call, perhaps a short story…and you get stuck in the process? Either overwhelmed at the front end, or second guessing yourself and your idea midway through or judging yourself on the back end because it didn’t live up to the expectations you didn’t even know you had? If this feels...

August 29, 2018-Fairytales, Fantasies and Futures ~ Guest Lisa Murray

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show What’s “real"? What’s hidden? What is so fantastical you cannot imagine it being real? What are the fantasies that are killing your future? What are the futures that are available to you now? Every time I talk to this woman my life expands. Join us this Wednesday with our special guest Lisa Murray for a playful exploration of the alchemy that creates...

August 22, 2018-Confessions of a People Addict ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Join Suzanne as she comes to the airwaves in a radically different fashion, solo, intent to share her journey of addiction (to people and relationships as the source of her wholeness). Listen in as she candidly talks about the last 15 months of navigating an open relationship and her quest to overcome co-dependency once and for all. ~ More About Love, Life & All...

August 15, 2018-The Ask Behind the Ask ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show What do you need to ask for to receive what you’ve been asking for. Say what? On our recent show “The Impossible Asks” I got people fired about about asking big questions. After asking some big questions of my own I had this very strong awareness that there was something I wasn’t asking for.. And..: then it hit me; everything we ask for is asking...

August 8, 2018-Love You, Boo ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show What comes up for you when you think about receiving? We hear all the time receiving is the key to everything and yet WTF is it and how to we learn how to do it? What if the key to receiving everything you desire is your willingness to love yourself? What if your unwillingness to be kind to you is what’s keeping out the illusive things you’ve been...

August 1, 2018-The Impossible Asks ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show How many of us are programmed to accept just getting by; only asking for what’s realistic or reasonable. Hedging our bets so we won’t be disappointed if we can’t truly actualize what we want. Or playing small to fly under the radar of people’s judgment… But what if asking for things way beyond what we consider to be probable literally engages the forces...

July 25, 2018-Mucking About Makes Magic: Your How To Guide to Muck

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show What if your biggest blunders are your gateway to your biggest magic? What the Muck? :) What if the fat goose egg in your bank account, or your 20 k in debt is a sign of your financial brilliance? Could your past failure to create your dream business actually be a portal to more? What if your chronic pain and extra weight is your bodies magic waiting to emerge? ...

July 18, 2018-Leap: Your Dreams Are Waiting ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Fresh home from London , Ireland and Scotland ... we’re overflowing with magical tales to tell. What dreams have you been waiting on that , if you were to leap , would actualize before your very eyes ! Did you know that London Live Your Magic and Megan’s dream to have this event go international was very close to not happening. And Suzanne has dreamed of...