Witnessing ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

Witnessing ~ Traci Trimble, PhD

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July 18, 2018 by Soul Healing with Traci Trimble, PhD

Soul Healing with Traci Trimble, PhD Radio Show

There is a point on our Spiritual journey that we come to realize that we were not meant to be caught up in the drama created around us; yet it is often a challenge to break free of the habit. When we remove a none beneficial energy (habit) we must replace it with a new one. “Witnessing” is the beneficial habit of minding our own business with kindness and compassion. Join doctor of energy medicine, Traci Trimble, PhD as she guides you through this invaluable habit called Witnessing and allow your sense of peacefulness and freedom expand!

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Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

In energy medicine it is believed that depression, anxiety, acute stress and chronic pain are all effects of Soul and Ego in chaos. Did you know that such Spiritual disconnection leads to mental neurosis? This in turn creates emotional turmoil and that is what causes our physical discomfort and/or dysfunction. Imagine that there is truth in this! So again, we ask… Are you sick and tired of felling sick and tired? What if, through Self Awareness (without judgement), you were able to find an easy peaceful and empowering way to experience this space and time called Human Being?



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