TV – Lab Testing: What You Need To Know – Dr. Jamie Gilliam

TV – Lab Testing: What You Need To Know – Dr. Jamie Gilliam

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April 16, 2024 by *Heal Your Body with Dr. Jamie Gilliam

Heal Your Body With Dr. Jamie Gilliam 

In this Heal Your Body episode, Dr. Jamie Gilliam deep dives into lab testing and provides a comprehensive presentation that sheds light on the world of laboratory tests. Gain clarity on which tests are necessary, the difference between optimal and normal lab ranges, and the interconnectedness of different lab values.

She begins by exploring the importance of comprehensive lab testing in healthcare, emphasizing how these tests offer crucial insights into your health status, aiding in diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment decisions. If you’ve been told, “Your labs are normal,” the first question to ask is, “What lab tests were ordered?” Dr. Jamie also explains how initial comprehensive lab results can indicate the need for further diagnostic testing or a referral to the appropriate specialty care provider.

A key focus of this episode is the concept of optimal vs. normal (allopathic) lab ranges. While normal ranges are said to indicate typical values seen in a healthy population, these ranges are often too broad. A patient can be symptomatic with lab values within a broad lab range, while another is asymptomatic. Optimal ranges are more narrow than normal lab ranges, which reflect optimal health. Understanding these distinctions can help you and your healthcare provider identify potential health issues early and also can aid in properly diagnosing existing conditions.

Dr. Jamie also explores the connections between various lab values, illustrating how one value can influence or be influenced by another. She explains the importance of evaluating labs as a whole instead of evaluating each lab value independently. For example, she discusses how LDL cholesterol levels are associated with thyroid hormone levels and many other levels within your lab results, yet many providers do not acknowledge the connection. Understanding these interconnections provides an in-depth view of how the 12 body systems are functioning independently and together, which allows for targeted interventions to optimize health outcomes.

Join Dr. Jamie in this powerful Heal Your Body episode to gain a foundational understanding of laboratory testing and to take your health from “normal” to “OPTIMAL”.

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~ More About Heal Your Body with Dr. Jamie Gilliam ~ 

Dr. Jamie Gilliam is the founder of JG Wellness Clinic, where they specialize in addressing various health concerns, with a focus on thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalances within the endocrine system, autoimmune diseases, and assisting patients striving to achieve weight loss goals. Dr. Jamie holds a PhD in Integrative Medicine and an MS in Exercise Science. Jamie is also a devoted mother to seven children.

Jamie’s personal health challenges with thyroid cancer, cervical cancer, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, and Lupus, caused her to realize that the conventional healthcare system is flawed. Tired of being sick and tired, she decided to navigate a different path.

In her pursuit of better health, Jamie explored alternative approaches to healthcare that emphasized healing rather than merely treating symptoms. Her dissatisfaction with the status quo led her to the decision to further her education and pursue a career in Integrative Medicine. This choice was rooted in her realization that many individuals are dealing with health issues but are not receiving the level of care and attention they need within the traditional healthcare system.

Through her work at JG Wellness Clinic, Dr. Jamie is dedicated to treating the whole person. She gives patients a voice and ensures patients are heard. She offers patients a comprehensive and personalized approach to healthcare, and Jamie encourages her patients to play an active role in their healthcare decisions.

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