TV – Dealing with Conflict NOW – Matthew Brackett

TV – Dealing with Conflict NOW – Matthew Brackett

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February 6, 2024 by *Take Action Now Summit

Conflict (tension, friction, gossip etc) is part of the human experience yet often so difficult to deal with in a constructive manner. Conflict can drain resources like energy and time. Dealing with Conflict NOW will explain types of conflict, with a special focus on gossip in the personal and professional life, offer insights into the price people and organizations pay for not dealing with it, and offer a specific method to deal with conflict that will prove effective and bring back energy, time, improved relationships and peace.

Matthew has enjoyed broad international and intercultural experience in leadership, educational and consulting roles in Italy, Ireland, England, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico as a Catholic Priest and served a special Staff Officer and Chaplain in the United States Navy supporting both Sailors and Marines.

To those that have worked with him, Matthew is known to be much more than an executive coach. As a highly versatile coach, advisor, mentor, educator and confidant, he is considered by some to be a human version of a sophisticated Swiss Army Knife. Surely an asset any impactful influencer would want close by as they strive to properly navigate and excel in multiple areas of personal and professional leadership protecting their priorities, leading better, loving better and living better. He is also a passionate speaker and trainer about varying elements of the management of the human element in personal, professional, intercultural and organizational contexts.



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