TV ~ “Black Men & Fitting In” with Allen Jones & Phil Coleman

TV ~ “Black Men & Fitting In” with Allen Jones & Phil Coleman

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May 22, 2021 by Bill Myers Inspires

Bill Myers Inspires 

“Black Men & Fitting In” seeks to explore the idea of what a black man is, who decides and by whose definition. This in-depth discussion, with Mr. Allen Jones and Mr. Phil Coleman, are two black men who have expressed their feelings as outsiders and culturally disconnected. This show seeks to examine the personal and professional life experiences, stereotypes, perceptions, and feelings, whether real or imagined, on what it is to be black men in America.

ALLEN JONES -Allen is an American of African descent who grew up in a multiracial, multicultural environment almost form birth. His father took his mother and himself to England when he was just 2 years old and since then he has been spanning cultural barriers and learning about himself and the world he lives in.

PHIL COLEMAN – Phil is passionate about what he is currently doing from a humanitarian perspective. Little did he know that his life experience as a professional musician, pro racer, engineer and business owner was preparing him to take on the task of designing water purification systems for thousands in dire need of safe drinking water around the world.

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In a civic leadership capacity, he has served as President of the African American Jazz Caucus in NYC, member of the Indianapolis Cultural Development Committee, and served as President of the Indianapolis Downtown Optimist Club. In addition to his Emmy Award, Bill has received many awards and notable commissions for his work including being commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create an original work for Dr. Martin Luther King Day entitled “The Music, Martin & Me.”

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