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Today we are facing some of the greatest challenges of our lives, from our health, to political unrest, the environment, financial uncertainty and the nation’s racial divide.

Every Friday at 3pm EST, join teacher, minister and life coach Bill Myers as he and his guests take a deep dive into the issues that impact our world and with an eye to exploring solutions!  Bill Myers Inspires encourages listeners to look within themselves and take decisive action to make a positive difference.



August 7, 2020-Gather At The Table – With Tom DeWolf & Sharon Morgan

Bill Myers Inspires  Winner of the Phillis Wheatley Book Award for Nonfiction/Biography & Memoir, "Gather at the Table" authors Sharon Leslie Morgan and Thomas Norman DeWolf join Bill Myers to discuss their Healing Journey as a Daughter of Slavery and a Son of the Slave Trade. Gather at the Table is the story of two everyday people from diverse backgrounds who are on a mission to overcome the trauma of...

July 31, 2020-“Black Ancestry” ~ Special Guest Sharon Leslie Morgan

Bill Myers Inspires  As people love learning about their family tree via websites such as, black people in America face many hurdles in discovering their ancestry as they were relegated to a status of property rather than as a human being, poor record keeping and the systematic dismantling of the black family unit for generations through the sale of black people as valuable property which resulted...

July 24, 2020-“Inheriting The Trade – Slavery & Racism” With Author Thomas Norman DeWolf

Bill Myers Inspires  Imagine discovering that you were a descendant of the largest slave trading family in U.S. history. How would you use that information to discuss slavery and racism? Why is it necessary to address slavery and racism for America to move forward? Thomas Norman DeWolf is an author, public speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator, and, since 2013, has served as Director/Manager for Coming to...

July 17, 2020-How To Combat Racism ~ Special Guest Dixon White

Bill Myers Inspires  Bill Myers Inspires host Bill Myers explores the conversation of racism in America with YouTube star and anti-racist Dixon D. White. Dixon has been a fierce advocate against racism for several years which has earned him a tremendous following as the leader of an online movement. He has attracted national attention and was the subject of a featured story for his efforts by ABC's Nightline news...