The Serious That Keeps Us Furious

The Serious That Keeps Us Furious

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June 15, 2016 by Love, Life & All Things Weird ~ Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer

You need not look any further then Facebook to see people getting serious and furious about a variety of topics; politics, parenting, our Earth, consciousness, etc. etc.

In these arenas, good and bad, right and wrong run the show.  Where are you playing this out in your life?
If you find yourself saying similar things about a situation over and over, if a problem feels very real and you must “fix it”, if a situation feels very black and white, you are in persona.
And we’d urge you, is this persona really creating greater?
Tune in to the show to get real tools to open your awareness, and lighten up the density of serious in your world.
Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer

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