The Emotional Stages After Separation And Divorce ~ Bronwyn Smith

The Emotional Stages After Separation And Divorce ~ Bronwyn Smith

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August 24, 2022 by It Starts With A Dream

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If you are a women newly separated or divorced then this is the show for you! After over 20 years as a Family Lawyer working with women going through there a divorce and property settlement I have noticed the emotional stages people go through during separation and divorce. Here’s the good news – No, You are not going crazy. You are completely normal. There are emotional stages during separation and divorce. And I will tell you what they are during this show.

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Bronwyn Smith is a Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, Radio, TV and Podcast Host who is passionate about showing people how they can change their life in a way that will bring them greater abundance, financial freedom and show them that their dreams really can come true.

Bronwyn lives an abundant life, mindfully, full of possibilities, where dreams really do come true with unexpected adventures along the way.

Bronwyn loves showing her clients how to create expanding beliefs, release fear and anxiety, create abundance, dream, and achieve to transform their lives.

Bronwyn takes clients on a journey of creating their best selves and their best lives.  She believes if you can dream it, you can achieve it as Napoleon Hill promised.

Join her on this dream journey.

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