Mindfulness Inspired Visioning ~ Kelly Burton Adams M.Ed, ACC

Mindfulness Inspired Visioning ~ Kelly Burton Adams M.Ed, ACC

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May 2, 2018 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

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Does your leadership style include mindfulness inspired visioning?  What would your team create if you and all of them, learned mindfulness inspired visioning?  Mindfulness is a key to being a leader in your own life, business and as part of a successful team.

Our guest today is Kelly Burton- Adams, author of the newly-launched “Mindful Team-Making: a Guide for Coaches, Athletes, and Parents.

She has had an unusual and varied career over the last 30 years, ranging from being on staff at a local Health Food Store to designing and delivering a multi-departmental Wellness Program for a high profile provincial government ministry. In between she has been a Montesssori school teacher, a performing professional musician, a career coach, a therapist, and most recently, a mental performance coach for sports teams! 

This most recent accomplishment- becoming a well- respected writer- is the one she has found the most satisfying, and in many ways, the “easiest.” Kelly says this was an inspired choice for her, and that the foundation for her book was laid many years ago, during a time of deep adversity. This period in her early adulthood is when she first became aware of the crucial role of inspiration in life, and since that time she has ensured it plays a pivotal role in all the jobs she has taken on, as well as in her personal and family life. 

Today we will be talking to Kelly about her book, her life, and her current work…….



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