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Inspired Choices with Possibilities Coach Christine McIver

The Universe is always supporting you and wanting to give to you.

Are you using your awareness to receive all that is possible for you?

We often go through life with little awareness of the magnitude of possibilities available to us from within.

Possibilities Coach Christine McIver, will use her talents to guide you and give you direction moving through challenges and much more.

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July 4, 2018-Is “Rescue Me” Your Default? ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Why can't someone just tell me what to do?  Can't someone else just handle this?  Please rescue me...I can't do it alone.    Rescue, victim, helpless, hopeless, survival, many times in your life have any or a combination of these personas have you been 'putting on'?  Is now the time to step up and leave the rescue behind? ~ More About...

June 27, 2018-Is The Universe Really Listening? ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Okay so what is this Universe and asking all about?  Ask and receive....really?  Do you ever doubt that the Universe is listening.  Why would the Universe listen to me?  How many times have you thought these  Join Christine McIver during this show to dive into this topic with possibilities that may just contribute to something different. ~...

June 19, 2018-22nd Century Consciousness ~ Christine McIver

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver Christine McIver Pleasure of Business Series ~ 24 week program Your Choice of 3 Calls ~ Video, Audio & PDF Downloads Value $450 Book Chapter Audio Recording ~ Old Maid Be Damned From the Book Relationships Done Easy Value $10 Embracing Change ~ Zoom Call Series ~ 4 Calls ~ July 19 Value $297 Manipulation for...

June 6, 2018-Scanning for Problems OR Possibilities? ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Do you wake in the morning excited to jump out of bed and create your day in your job or business?  Or do you wake up and sigh immediately seeing all the problems in your world and what you are going to have "DEAL WITH" today? Scanning for problems is a great capacity if you're in the dark of night down a shady alley but darlin' you're not there now.  If you were...

May 30, 2018-Come Out From Under The Humble Tree ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show What are we hiding from with choosing to be under the humble tree?  Who are you being with this humble attitude?  Is being humble really making the impact in  your life that you desire or are striving for? Do you even understand the 'lack' energy of being humble? Join Christine tonight as she coaxes you out into the potent you... far beyond the humble tree. ~...

May 16, 2018-How Vulnerability in Business Adds Value ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Are you trying to be a 'good' business owner?  Are you trying to show up confident?  What about 'acting' successful? Would you be open to a new possibility with vulnerability in your business?  Vulnerability in business is a big secret.  Or is it?  Join Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach as she unpacks vulnerability in business that works FOR YOU! ~ More...

May 9, 2018-Are Your Dreams Big Enough? ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Dreaming, wishing, hoping, desiring, imagining....what's it all about.  Dreams are something we all have and dreams are something we often dismiss.  What are doing that?  Are you buying a lie that because 1 or 1,000 of your dreams didn't come to fruition, you needed to make them smaller?  CRAZY!!! Don't do it, don't diminish or try to control your dreams...

May 2, 2018-Mindfulness Inspired Visioning ~ Kelly Burton Adams M.Ed, ACC

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Does your leadership style include mindfulness inspired visioning?  What would your team create if you and all of them, learned mindfulness inspired visioning?  Mindfulness is a key to being a leader in your own life, business and as part of a successful team. Our guest today is Kelly Burton- Adams, author of the newly-launched “Mindful Team-Making: a Guide...

April 25, 2018-Money Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make with Facebook Ads ~ Guest Jenn Possick

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Money, Mistakes & Entrepreneurs....oh what fun we have.  Facebook is a major source of advertising for many entrepreneurs. Learning how to use Facebook to create more revenue is a challenge for most of us.  What Jenn Possick will bring to this conversation is so robust that Christine took an entire week to work with Jenn and her brilliance regarding...

April 11, 2018-The Answers Aren’t Out There ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Where are you looking?  Who are you looking for?  What answers are you seeking? The answers are not out there.  They have always been with you...always! Creating our projects, lives, relationships often requires guidance, knowledge and lessons.  Most people have at one time or another taken classes or coaching as a way to learn and grow.  But then, we many...