Leadership, Kids and Mental Health ~ Guest Joanne Del Core

Leadership, Kids and Mental Health ~ Guest Joanne Del Core

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February 21, 2019 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver 

Host Christine McIver welcomes Guest Joanne Del Core this week as they discuss Leadership, Kids and Mental Health. In this interview they dive into how the three areas relate and are critical to the future for us all.

Joanne Del Core,
Hons BA, MA Counselling Psychology, CCPC
Emotional Intelligence Strategist & Clinician

Joanne is a passionate clinician currently practicing counselling and offering psychotherapeutic services. She specializes in areas related to anxiety, PTSD (treatment specific to the first responder), depression and trauma-focused therapy for adults. As well she specializes in emotion regulation practices for children (ages 6-14).

Joanne also works with families facing organizations, daycare centres and schools across the Toronto area, as a consultant and strategist to drive training and educational initiatives to equip educators, educators-in-training and parents with tools and information about how to navigate and support the emotional landscape for children. These initiatives directly target anxiety, ADHD, depression, trauma, bullying, and mental health overall in the classroom and at home. She provides assistance with creating emotional development curriculum, building early childhood development practices, delivering workshops to schools and daycares to create connectedness and cohesion within the learning environment.

Ultimately, she is passionate about teaching children (and adults!) to feel and process their emotions and she is equally passionate about teaching educators how to facilitate learning not just teach curriculum in the classroom. Joanne also helps parents to emotionally connect and bond with their kids.


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