Embracing Your Path to Intimacy and Bliss – Janice (Jayala) Lee

Embracing Your Path to Intimacy and Bliss – Janice (Jayala) Lee

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February 5, 2024 by *Take Action Now Summit

Embark on a transformative journey with “Embracing Your Path to Intimacy and Bliss.” You will: Understand Intimacy by discovering the true meaning of intimacy beyond physical closeness, and explore deep connections through various tantra principles. Pathways to Bliss builds upon these foundations, delving into the harmony of hearts and minds and the dance of souls in sync. Embrace Your Journey, by integrating the insights from the previous sections, focusing on resilience and self-discovery. Join Jaylala from Heart and Soul Tantra in this enlightening journey, where each step is an invitation to self-discovery and a celebration.

Janice Lee, (tantric name Jaylala), is a dedicated Tantra Coach and Sacred Intimacy Educator. She is committed to supporting men, women and couples in unlocking the magical potential of their sacred sexuality.

Specializing in spiritual growth, relationship development, and sacred intimate connection, her practice is a sanctuary for healing and discovery.

Engaging in tantric bliss, couples focus in the moment to discover or rediscover their passion, intimate connection, and desires which radiate not only in the bedroom, but in their everyday lives together.

For men, Janice ( Jaylala ) offers guidance navigating the complex world of dating and relationships. She assists with healing performance dysfunctions with a particular focus on treating inner child trauma, sexual and porn addictions.

Her sanctuary creates a safe space of empowerment for women, directing them to unlock the sensuality of their own bodies and arousal centers. Her mission is to support healing from sexual trauma and effectively communicate the needs around healthy boundaries and consent.

As a Belly Dance instructor for over 30 years, she guides women
of all ages to love their bodies through dance and sensual movement, celebrating the divine feminine within.


https://bio.link/jaylala http://www.torontotantra.ca/jaylala.html







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