Embracing Our Humanity And Cultivating Compassion ~ Marge Bowen & Margaret Miller

Embracing Our Humanity And Cultivating Compassion ~ Marge Bowen & Margaret Miller

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March 15, 2021 by Mystic Margaritas

Mystic Margaritas 

Are you crisis prone? Have you ever been caught up in an intensely turbulent, soap opera style life or relationship, or other types of suffering associated with being human? Join Mystic Margaritas as we look at how and why embracing our humanity and having compassion for ourselves and others can alleviate our suffering.


~ More About Mystic Margaritas ~ 

Margaret Miller is a Healer, Shamanic Empowerment Coach and Astrologer.

She is a Modern Mystic – in constant contemplation of higher frequency states of consciousness and the mysteries of multidimensional realities. Margaret is devoted to helping individuals and groups shift their perceptions of themselves and their realities to a more empowered, compassionate and open-hearted awareness that is centered in the present moment.

She guides and mentors’ people to become the stewards of their own energy and masters of their own lives. To this end she engages her lifelong pursuit of spiritual, healing, astrologic and akashic wisdom; her ever deepening practice of Earthcentered Ceremony and Ritual; and her magical herd of Medicine Wheel Horses.

https://www.spiritwolfhealingarts.com/    wolfgirl9@gmail.com


Marge Bowen is a Neuro-Energy Kinesiologist and Certified Touch for Health Consultant and Instructor.  She has worked as a complimentary health therapist for the past 20+ years.  Marge is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and has a BA Degree.

She specializes in Brain Integration and how it can help both adults and children improve their function at work, school and in relationships.  She is able to access deep subconscious survival processes that can stop us from taking the action needed to live the life we want.

Marge offers her unique understanding of the body, muscle function, brain function and the human energy fields to help clients and students obtain their optimal health and life.

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