Do You Love Salad? ~ Guest Alyssa Light

Do You Love Salad? ~ Guest Alyssa Light

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February 5, 2016 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Are you ready for some fun food metaphors, and something totally different in your business?  Well, feast your ears and your awareness upon this conversation Friends, as we spend an hour with Master Salad Chef and Business Innovator, Alyssa Light!

What if we looked at our business through the lens of Salad?  What ingredients are you using?  Are they tasty?  Are they appealing to the eyes as well as the palette? Or are your vegetables turning into science projects in your fridge?…  What excites You about Salad, and Business, that you don’t find in the array of what is currently being offered in the world? What if YOU are the Secret Ingredient that will make your Business, and your salad, the thing people can’t get enough of?
Join Keisha and Alyssa in the virtual kitchen, for some expert tricks to becoming your own Master Salad Chef and Business Creator – does that sound yummy to you?

Alyssa’s background as an entrepreneur started at just 11 years old, when she glued fur to rocks and sold them at her school Christmas fair. She made $200 by marketing them as ‘pet rocks’. At 14 Alyssa started making beaded jewellery; at 17 she won a government award to start a small business; and while at Georgian College in the Goldsmithing program, she made the 20th Anniversary gifts for Blue Rodeo. Alyssa had a small jewellery business for about 10 years before choosing to pursue something bigger.

Alyssa has been teaching creative arts for 16 years and speaking professionally for the last 4. Her client list includes Creative Sisters Quilt Studio, DECA Laurier, Harpers, Rotary, Skills Canada Ontario, Central Ontario Leadership Conference, City of Burlington, Halton Police Service, and others. Alyssa has creativity and innovation running through her veins. Combine that with her uncanny abilities to think on her feet and relate to people, and you get a dynamic speaker that delivers content that makes a difference.

The Profitable Innovator is a business that specializes in innovative sales and marketing – teaching clients how to do things, not merely telling them what to do. Alyssa Light owns The Profitable Innovator and developed the Shine System; the 6-steps take businesses from wherever they are to generating revenue efficiently. Last year, Alyssa helped a client reach a 5 year target in just 8 months. The Profitable Innovator offers 1:1 services, group business development programs, and professional speaking – and has a success and satisfaction rate of over 90%.

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