Courageous Choices to Awakening your Destiny ~ Guest Lorrie Febus

Courageous Choices to Awakening your Destiny ~ Guest Lorrie Febus

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May 27, 2020 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

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We are truly entering a new era in which energy alignment will more strongly affect your physical reality. Are you ready to take courageous steps with your choices to awakening your destiny?  What if your courageous choices are just one more step away?  

Join Christine McIver as she welcomes Business & Money Coach, Published Author, Okinawan High Priestess Lorrie Febus as they discuss going forward with courage in this new world energy that is emerging using techniques discussed in her book Awakening Your Destiny.

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Lorrie Febus has the unique ability to blend her intuitive and spiritual light work with her practical financial knowledge and experience.  She is able to bridge material financial abundance with spiritual connection and intuitive consciousness. She used faith, intuition and the principles of manifesting to attract her husband, design her career position on her terms, create an abundant net worth, and discover her lineage and the life of her dreams. 

Lorrie knows firsthand that we all possess the power to change our lives and attract everything we desire. 


*Author of book “Awakening Your Destiny”

*Business and Money coach for Money, Mind and

*Published author of articles printed in various journals; former blogger for the Huffington Post.

*Life/Business/Success Coach – was Personal coach for clients of T. Harv Eker and Peak Potentials (Millionaire Mind Intensive)

*A Multi- Million Dollar Protégé in Robert Allen’s EWI Institute.

Received honor of achieving this level of success in business and RE investing

*Former VP Lending of Cascade Federal CU, Financial executive and consultant

Over 20 years of corporate finance management, real estate consultant

*Real Estate Agent/ Investor – owns and operates multiple real estate corporations.  Extensive practical knowledge in real estate, business, and investments.

*Highline Community College – instructor of course ‘Business Basics for Entrepreneurs’



* Okinawan High priestess by lineage

Traveled to Okinawa for induction ceremony and training with master

*Certified in Ho’oponopono by Joe Vitale/Hew Len

*Certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist

Raised with herbal usage by grandmother, formally trained as certified herbalist

*Certified Reconnection Healing Practitioner

*Intuitive ability to connect to higher power, channeling and energy worker

Uses intuitive abilities and channeling to help clients with prosperity and purpose

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