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Inspired Choices with Holographist Coach Christine McIver

The Universe is always supporting you and wanting to give to you.

Are you using your awareness to receive all that is possible for you?

We often go through life with little awareness of the magnitude of possibilities available to us from within.

Christine McIver is a Holographist Coach, Inspirational Speaker, TV & Radio Personality, and the Founder & Owner of Inspired Choices Network.

Christine is highly successful at inspiring individuals and businesses to make choices that will bring them increased success, greater joy, self-confidence and remarkable inspiring change.  All of which increased the abundance in their lives and businesses.

Christine lives her life out loud and is a natural cheerleader who believes in the abilities of others to change their lives quickly and easily. Creator of the programs UpYourAsk, The Pleasure of Business, Divorce with Dignity and Be The Dominatrix of Your Life, she entices clients to show up more in their life, business & relationships than they have ever before. Inviting them to make all that they once knew was possible, possible. Christine believes that you can be living & loving your life with ease!

Christine has impacted thousands of individuals both in Canada and abroad with her enthusiastic message of possibilities. Her kind, direct and joy filled approach is both comforting and stretching. Christine infectious laughter invites you into knowing that all things are possible beyond what is present in your life right now. ~

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January 22, 2020-Daring to Walk Away ~ Guest Co-Host Karen Leslie

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Daring to Walk Away!? Who am I daring to walk away from? Who am I willing to leave behind? Where am I walking towards?  Are you willing to dare yourself? This show will invite you, challenge you, inspire you and possibly trigger you forward into your desires.  It's a choice and Christine McIver and Karen Leslie would love to have you join them.   Karen...

January 1, 2020-I Just Want to Quit! ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show How many times?  How many ways?  How is this even possible?  When you find yourself tripping, hitting the wall and throwing your arms in the air screaming, I Just Want to QUIT!!! What if quitting is exactly the right thing to do?  Join Christine McIver this week as she gets vulnerable, real and up front about quitting and so much more! NEW V.I.P. Holographic...

December 4, 2019-What Am I Thinking? ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Thinking just happens or does it?  Do you ever find yourself thinking about what you're thinking?  Do you know you have choice with your thoughts?  Join Christine McIver this week as she invites you into creating and choosing your thoughts to make things happen in your favor. NEW V.I.P. Holographic Coaching ~ SPECIAL 7 SESSIONS $1,000...

November 13, 2019-Conversations With Your Creations ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Do you love to create?  Do you wish you could create?  Are you looking at why the creations aren't coming with ease and most especially having the cash flow come along with the creations?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this show will absolutely contribute to you...if you're willing to receive.  Christine is going to challenge you, invite you...

November 6, 2019-Universe, Show Me The Next Step ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Lost, confused, frustrated with your world can have you want to give up.  It's a common experience for most and yet there is another way.  Ask...ask the Universe to show you.  Show you the next step.  What if it really is as simple as that?   Join Christine McIver this week as she shares her personal experiences and professional input into how you can move...

October 30, 2019-Why Do I Even Bother? ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Some days seem worse than some days.  Going going going and never really feeling like you're getting anywhere.  Why do I even bother?  Life absolutely can kick us right in the center of our hopes and dreams.  On this week's show Christine McIver will discuss why we bother and when bother is a futile act better left in the past.     NEW V.I.P....

October 16, 2019-Do You Struggle to Make Your Dreams Happen? ~ Guest Yahaya Baruwa

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Do you have a dream that you have always desired to come through but you've struggled to make it happen?  Do the thoughts around you, the beliefs you were raised with and the expectations of your family and community hold you back from taking action?  If any of this is true for you, join Christine McIver as she interviews a wonderingly intriguing man, Yahaya...

October 9, 2019-Become A Conscious Manifestor ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Are you ready to be the manifestor you desire to be?  Do you think you are not based on the past creations or lack of creations? NEW V.I.P. Holographic Coaching ~ SPECIAL 7 SESSIONS $1,000 CAD Bust Doubt Out: UpYourAsk...

September 19, 2019-Snooping for Spaces ~ Guest Lisa Benitz, The Space Whisperer™

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver TV Show Host Christine McIver interviews Lisa Benitz, The Space Whisperer™ Interior and Exterior Space Specialist, International Facilitator, Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, and Writer.   Lisa talks with Christine all about snooping, spaces consciousness and how they all work together to create for everyone desiring more possibilities. Lisa Benitz is a Space Whisperer™,...

September 11, 2019-Speaking Up…Your Prosperity Creation on Tap ~ Co-Host Megan Sillito

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show If  you struggle with creation or don't believe you have gifts waiting to come out of hiding, this show will be for you.  Speaking up with what you know can be, if you choose, to be your creation funnel.  Are you ready to actually change your reality, change your finances, change your level of creations?  This week Christine McIver and Megan Sillito will really...