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Inspired Choices with Holographist Coach Christine McIver

The Universe is always supporting you and wanting to give to you.

Are you using your awareness to receive all that is possible for you?

We often go through life with little awareness of the magnitude of possibilities available to us from within.

Christine McIver is a Holographist Coach, Inspirational Speaker, TV & Radio Personality, and the Founder & Owner of Inspired Choices Network.

Christine is highly successful at inspiring individuals and businesses to make choices that will bring them increased success, greater joy, self-confidence and remarkable inspiring change.  All of which increased the abundance in their lives and businesses.

Christine lives her life out loud and is a natural cheerleader who believes in the abilities of others to change their lives quickly and easily. Creator of the programs UpYourAsk, The Pleasure of Business, Divorce with Dignity and Be The Dominatrix of Your Life, she entices clients to show up more in their life, business & relationships than they have ever before. Inviting them to make all that they once knew was possible, possible. Christine believes that you can be living & loving your life with ease!

Christine has impacted thousands of individuals both in Canada and abroad with her enthusiastic message of possibilities. Her kind, direct and joy filled approach is both comforting and stretching. Christine infectious laughter invites you into knowing that all things are possible beyond what is present in your life right now. ~

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July 1, 2020-How To Begin Again…Life, Business, Journey ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver  Life can be a journey of joy, of exploration, of challenges and certainly of intensity.  Do you ever feel lost and not knowing how you got to this place in your life and your business?  How to begin again is a guide to support you wherever you are in your journey in life or in business.  Knowing how to begin again starts with acknowledging where you are and what you have...

June 17, 2020-Own What You Know & Stand Proud ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver  Do you shy away from what you know?  Is struggle real for you?  Is movement forward with your desires challenging?  When was the last time you claimed what you know and you stood proud?  When we allow our light to be dim and we wait to be asked or acknowledged, we actually reduce our capacities, creations and future growth.  The time has come for you to stand proud and...

June 10, 2020-Pandemic: Truths & Lies ~ Guest Petrina Fava, Reg. Nurse & Professor

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver  The Pandemic has created a lot of fear, worry, concern, illness, death, support, kindness, generosity of spirit but most especially Truths & Lies!  Petrina Fava will be with us to look at the pandemic, discuss and be straight up about what she knows from the professional perspective.  Petrina will bring her years of nursing, teaching and her potent awareness to support...

May 27, 2020-Courageous Choices to Awakening your Destiny ~ Guest Lorrie Febus

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show We are truly entering a new era in which energy alignment will more strongly affect your physical reality. Are you ready to take courageous steps with your choices to awakening your destiny?  What if your courageous choices are just one more step away?   Join Christine McIver as she welcomes Business & Money Coach, Published Author, Okinawan High Priestess...

May 20, 2020-Intuitive Eating: What’s All the Hype? ~ Guest Suzanne Dietrich, Registered Dietitian

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Have you wondering what intuitive eating is and how it can possibly work for you?  Do you go into overwhelm thinking about trying to figure all the eating/food/body messages out?  Join Christine McIver this week, with her guest Registered Dietitian Suzanne Dietrich as she shares her expertise and safe healthy tips for you and your body.  Suzanne Dietrich she is...

May 13, 2020-Are You A Boss or A Leader? ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Are you a boss or a leader?  Do you struggle with what is necessary and when along with understanding your capacities as a boss or a leader?  If you struggle with the need to be a boss and the desire to be a leader, this show might just be for you.  This week Christine will discuss the differences, when to step into the roles, what to embody no matter what and...

May 7, 2020-Fighting For or Against? ~ Guest Co-Host Milica Jelenic

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Does it feel like the world is in a big fight to you?  What are we fighting for?  Are we actually fighting against something or someone?  What is all this fighting about?  If you are ready to stop the fighting and creating a generative world we can all enjoy, join tonight's show with Christine McIver and her Guest Co-Host Milica Jelenic.  They will challenge,...

April 22, 2020-Who Will I Be After The Lockdown? ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show The lockdown is intense, inviting, overwhelming, showing possibilities, asking for more, demanding more.  Who will I be after the lockdown?  Is this a question that is going through your mind?  Do you wonder about your business, your relationships, your body, your joy?  This week Christine McIver will look at all of these areas and discuss what is coming up and...

April 8, 2020-Our Time Is Now ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show Reality now is so in our face that being hyper present is critical to our survivor. It’s my time now, it's our time now! I’m ready for the next step. I'm ready to step up big time. Do you know that this is your time?  This is what you have been preparing for your entire life.  Are you ready?   NEW V.I.P. Holographic Coaching ~ SPECIAL 7 SESSIONS...

April 1, 2020-When the Universe Speaks ~ Guest Sylvia Plester-Silk, RSW

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver Radio Show The Universe is speaking to you, to the person across from you, to  your business, to your everything.  Are you listening?  When the Universe speaks what do you do?  When the Universe speaks what have you decided?  Join Christine McIver with her Guest Sylvia Plester-Silk as they discuss the Universe and the messages we can all be receiving. Sylvia...