Bottom of the Barrel to Limitless Opportunities – Guest Ty Shane

Bottom of the Barrel to Limitless Opportunities – Guest Ty Shane

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November 13, 2023 by Business Leaders Network with JR Spear

Business Leaders Network with JR Spear 

Get ready for an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey from the “Bottom of the Barrel to Limitless Opportunities” as The Business Leaders Network presents to you the most inspirational and transformative show of the decade, hosted by your Business Success Strategist, JR Spear!

Today’s guest is Ty Shane and his life story is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and capacity for transformation. He’s gone from being homeless to a college student, faced the darkness of addiction, and emerged as a beacon of healing. He knows what it’s like to be incarcerated and, more importantly, liberated. Ty Shane’s passion for change in a world often shrouded in darkness led him to harness the power of Marketing to create a profound impact in the lives of others. He’s living proof that through pain, one can truly BECOME!

Join us as JR Spear and Ty Shane take you on a journey of discovery, resilience, and transformation. Learn how to find purpose through your pain and ignite the passionate fire within. The Business Leaders Network is taking it to a whole new level today and we can’t wait to share Ty’s story with you!

Ty Shane – From homeless, to entrepreneur. From addict, to healing. From incarceration, to liberation, Ty has looked to others for inspiration. Because within each other, we see proof of what is within ourselves. With a passion for change in a world full of darkness, Ty has taken his passions to business through Marketing to create an impact in the lives of others. Through pain you BECOME!

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Since his  return from the hot desert of Iraq in 2007 he has built several multi-six figure businesses ranging from the fitness and martial arts industry, marketing and advertising, to consulting.

His mission is to arm small business owners with the right tools and resources needed to grow their business, giving them the direct path to bypass the struggles he had to endure so they can achieve the life and business they desire…

Since 2017 JR has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs 2x, 5x, even 10x their businesses by implementing the proper STEPS (Structure, Technology, Efficiencies, Processes, that leads to Scalability).

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