Beauty is the Space Within ~ Guest Kelly Falardeau

Beauty is the Space Within ~ Guest Kelly Falardeau

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February 8, 2019 by Lisa Benitz

Infinite Energies with Lisa Benitz Radio Show

Beauty is within. Have you always believed that beauty is something that you see visually?  Isn’t it funny that the media has us believe that if we buy a certain product or a certain item that we are than considered beautiful.  My knowing is seeing the beauty within and our guest today will share her story of inspiring others to see the beauty within.

Today we have Kelly Falardeau a mother of 3 who at the age of 2,  was in tragic accident that severely burned 75% of her body. Her life was forever changed in that moment as she endured numerous surgeries. Due to the visibility of her scars, it led to being an easy target for bullying and feeling isolated during her childhood, which led to feeling unwanted, ashamed and unloved.  Her story has blossomed into one of true INSPIRATION. Kelly found love, got married, became a mother to 3 beautiful children and found the courage to leave her marriage.  As a single mother she is raising her kids:  has a successful speaking career, is a best selling author and now is featured in a documentary based on her story called “Still Beautiful”.

Coach/Speaker/Advocate/Burn Survivors Charity Ambassador Keynote Speaker/Blankets for Burn Kids (started with her kids)

Top 10 Most Powerful and Influential Speaker, Fierce Woman of the Year, Best-Selling Author (4 times), recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal andYWCAWoman of Distinction 2013.

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What is truly special about this show?  Lisa can energetically tap into your space wherever it is in the world and read the energy, live without ever having to see a photograph.  Incredible, absolutely!  Lisa embodies, kindness, and a sharp awareness of what is asking to shift in your spaces to set you on the path of change!  This show is a place without judgement and full of fun.  Its time to stop procrastinating and get started in your life!

Lisa Benitz is a Space Whisperer™,  Interior and Exterior Space Specialist, International Facilitator, Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, and Writer. She has turned her love of working with spaces into a unique business that creates actionable results for people in all sectors of their lives. The founder of Creating Conscious Spaces, a customized workshop, facilitated in English, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Chinese, continues to grow its’ reach worldwide.

Lisa continues to inspire others around the world to learn the practice of how perceiving and connecting with their environments and others can create a greater future for all.

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