Amazing Skin From The Inside Out With Guest Christine Bell

Amazing Skin From The Inside Out With Guest Christine Bell

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December 11, 2023 by *Heal Your Body with Dr. Jamie Gilliam

Heal Your Body With Dr. Jamie Gilliam 

Want the secrets to achieving radiant, healthy skin? In this episode, Dr. Jamie Gilliam and esthetician, Christine Bell, explore the intricate relationship between your internal health and the condition of your skin. Discover underlying health issues, environmental factors and lifestyle choices that can stress your skin and how to heal your skin from within. Christine Bell will also share details about the best aesthetic procedures for amazing skin.

Your skin is a reflection of your overall health. Beyond skincare routines, numerous factors play a pivotal role in determining the condition of your skin. Dr. Jamie Gilliam and Christine Bell delve into various aspects that impact skin health. They shed light on:

Internal Factors Influencing Skin Health:
-How internal health issues, such as hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and chronic illnesses, can manifest on your skin.
-The connection between gut health and skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
-The role of stress, sleep quality, and lifestyle choices in skin health.

External Factors Affecting Skin:
-The impact of environmental factors, such as pollution, UV radiation, and skincare products, on skin health.
-Common allergens and irritants that can trigger skin reactions and conditions.

Strategies for Healthy, Radiant Skin:
-Practical tips and lifestyle changes to support your skin health from within.
-Dietary recommendations, including foods rich in essential nutrients for skin rejuvenation.
-Holistic approaches and skincare practices to maintain a healthy skin barrier and combat various skin issues.
-Aesthetic procedures for the treatment and prevention of skin conditions.
-Aesthetic procedures for anti-aging.

Achieving amazing skin goes beyond surface-level treatments. Dr. Jamie Gilliam and Christine Bell emphasize the importance of a total body approach to skincare. By addressing internal health factors, understanding environmental influences, adopting healthy lifestyle practices and incorporating a personal skincare routine, you can pave the way for radiant and healthy skin from the inside out.

Christine Bell is a dedicated aesthetic professional with a rich educational background. She holds multiple accreditations, including Licensed Esthetician from the Aveda Institute and Certified Laser Technician from the Texas Laser and Aesthetics Institute. Her passion for advanced treatments led her to become a Certified EON Technician and Inmode Microneedling Specialist. With a background in dermatology and plastic surgery offices, Christine stands out with her extensive product knowledge and expertise in treating surgical scars.

Her accolades include her involvement on the Allergan Skinmedica Expert Panel in 2017 and her recognition as the #1 Coolsculpting account in Texas for six months in 2016. Christine’s commitment to patient satisfaction and safety is evident through her work, particularly in helping patients with skin concerns regain their confidence.

Christine’s life outside the clinic is enriched by family activities and mentoring Estheticians just coming out of school on more advanced aesthetic treatments. She enjoys watching her children play football, cheering on the Baltimore Ravens, going on outdoor adventures, and spending summers with family by the lake and river.

~ More About Heal Your Body with Dr. Jamie Gilliam ~ 

Dr. Jamie Gilliam is the founder of JG Wellness Clinic, where they specialize in addressing various health concerns, with a focus on thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalances within the endocrine system, autoimmune diseases, and assisting patients striving to achieve weight loss goals. Dr. Jamie holds a PhD in Integrative Medicine and an MS in Exercise Science. Jamie is also a devoted mother to seven children.

Jamie’s personal health challenges with thyroid cancer, cervical cancer, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, and Lupus, caused her to realize that the conventional healthcare system is flawed. Tired of being sick and tired, she decided to navigate a different path.

In her pursuit of better health, Jamie explored alternative approaches to healthcare that emphasized healing rather than merely treating symptoms. Her dissatisfaction with the status quo led her to the decision to further her education and pursue a career in Integrative Medicine. This choice was rooted in her realization that many individuals are dealing with health issues but are not receiving the level of care and attention they need within the traditional healthcare system.

Through her work at JG Wellness Clinic, Dr. Jamie is dedicated to treating the whole person. She gives patients a voice and ensures patients are heard. She offers patients a comprehensive and personalized approach to healthcare, and Jamie encourages her patients to play an active role in their healthcare decisions.

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