Activate Your Body’s Capacities ~ Megan & Suzanne

Activate Your Body’s Capacities ~ Megan & Suzanne

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June 12, 2019 by *Love, Life & All Things Weird ~ Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show

Our bodies are often the thing we fight with the most in this reality. After all, we have to contend with taking care of them on the daily, and often they are in pain, or some kind of emotional intensity. Plus, we all have a bunch of judgments about our bodies that often leads to low self-esteem and separation.
It’s no wonder then, that we have a challenging time even recognizing, let alone activating our body’s capacities. I’m sure by now you’ve heard the Access saying “Your wrongness is your strongness”…
Well, have you applied that concept to your body? Really?
What gifts, magic, talents, and unique capacities does your body have, that you could activate now? Join us this Wednesday, as we dive into this juicy topic and do a special activation process to awaken and open your body’s capacities.
Isn’t it time to feel and express your body’s magic?

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What if you really can have it all? No–really? What if everything you THINK you desire is only a starting point for the life you are truly capable of creating? On Love, Life, & All Things Weird, we will explore topics from magic to practical step by step processes, and everything in between. There’s no place we won’t go, nothing too ridiculous or weird in the quest to live as grand a life as possible.

Hosts Megan Sillito and Suzanne Stauffer are the embodiment of “opposites attract”. Collectively, they’re the summation of Megan’s big vision coupled with Suzanne’s knack for details. Partnered in love and in business for the last five years, they’re taking co-creation to a whole new level. Join Megan and Suzanne for Love, Life, & All Things Weird, where we will talk about living a life that’s inspired, overflowing, and completely awesome.

Together, they’re the embodiment of “opposites attract”, and the result is true synergistic power. Collectively, they’re the summation of Megan’s big vision coupled with Suzanne’s knack for the details, Megan’s universal wisdom punctuated with an exclamation point by Suzanne’s incisive truth, and Megan’s playful meanderings subtly sorted by Suzanne’s practical step-by-step approach.

So what does this means for you? In true “two birds, one stone” fashion, you’ve found a one stop shop for invoking inspiration, unearthing tools for transformation, and having two crazy-weird chicks who will stop at nothing to support you in HAVING IT ALL!

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