“A Broken System” Racism Is A Health Crisis – Guest, Dr. Woody Myers

“A Broken System” Racism Is A Health Crisis – Guest, Dr. Woody Myers

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August 21, 2020 by Bill Myers Inspires

Bill Myers Inspires 

19 States along with numerous cities and counties in America have declared Racism as a public health crisis. How does racism affect public health? Why is racism now a public health crisis? Has racism always been a public health crisis?

Dr. Woody Myers is the 2020 candidate for Governor of Indiana. A third-generation Hoosier, he is also a physician, former Indiana State Health Commissioner, business owner, husband, father, and grandfather.

An Indianapolis native, Woody is a proud product of Indianapolis public schools and a graduate of Shortridge High School. He completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford University and went on to earn his medical degree from Harvard University at age 23 and a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University.

Throughout his remarkable career, Woody addressed important problems with every organization he has led, generating real results and leaving each of them stronger and ready for the challenges ahead.

Early in his medical career he worked as an emergency room physician and teacher at the Indiana University School of Medicine. As a young doctor, he saw first-hand the impact that disparity of income has on health outcomes. Patients with the best health insurance often received the best health care, while others did not and has spent his career fighting to change it.

At the age of 30, Woody was the youngest to serve as Indiana State Health Commissioner and held his appointment under both Democratic (Evan Bayh) and Republican (Bob Orr) administrations. As Health Commissioner, Woody effectively led over 2,800 employees, oversaw five state institutions and worked every day to improve maternal and child health, chronic disease control, childhood immunization, and preventive health care services. During his tenure, Woody helped make Indiana a leader in AIDS education and gained national recognition when he fought to keep Ryan White – a teenager with AIDS – in school when his school district banned him following his diagnosis.

In addition to being a doctor, Woody is a small business owner who has advised nonprofits and large health care companies on improving their products and services for the benefit of patients. Over his career, Woody served as the medical director for Indiana’s largest health care company, and as chief health care officer for Ford Motor Company – where he worked with union officials to develop safety programs and high-quality, comprehensive health care benefits. Under Woody’s leadership as the chief medical officer at WellPoint, Inc. he led the nation in measuring and improving the quality of health care for workers and their families.

As a nationally recognized and accomplished leader in public health, Woody is uniquely qualified to lead Indiana in its fight to improve access to affordable, quality health care and to reduce prescription drug costs.

Woody lives in Indianapolis with his wife Stacy. Together, they have five children and two grandchildren.

Join Woody to make a brighter future for all Indiana.  

claudia@drwoodymyers.com. https://drwoodymyers.com


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Emmy Award-winning actor Bill Myers is an accomplished actor, jazz musician, filmmaker, writer, educator, and speaker. As a bi-racial man who is both black and white, Bill leverages his background, talents, and voice through creativity, compassion, and connection as activism for social justice to focus on uniting the divide and compelling change.

In a civic leadership capacity, he has served as President of the African American Jazz Caucus in NYC, member of the Indianapolis Cultural Development Committee, and served as President of the Indianapolis Downtown Optimist Club. In addition to his Emmy Award, Bill has received many awards and notable commissions for his work including being commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create an original work for Dr. Martin Luther King Day entitled “The Music, Martin & Me.”

Bill Myers seeks to encourage, enlighten, and empower others through the power of entertainment to affect social justice.

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