“A Black American Living Abroad” ~ With James Bradley, Jr.

“A Black American Living Abroad” ~ With James Bradley, Jr.

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November 6, 2020 by Bill Myers Inspires

Bill Myers Inspires 

A Black American Living Abroad at this time when political unrest, a pandemic, and racial tensions are raging in America. How do other nations perceive America’s racial challenges? Do other countries have their own issues with racism and injustice towards black people to sort out?

JAMES BRADLEY JR. At the age of three, JBJ’s musical talents were being realized by his parents as they saw him retrieving pots and pans from the kitchen cabinet to perform on. Because they were performing musicians, they were able to give James support and teaching. James Bradley, Jr. was a child-drumming prodigy and at the age of four he was recognized as the world’s youngest professional drummer.

Appearing on major television shows in the sixties such as “I’ve Got A Secret”, “Steve Allen”, “Jack Benny”, “Art LinkLetter”, “Nat King Cole”, “Hollywood Palace”, and many others. And then a contract with Paramount Pictures, where JBJ played a part in the movie “Cool Hand Luke”.

Developing from a Jazz and Blues background James began playing straight ahead Jazz with his mother in his very early teens. He completed his first National Tour in 1976 with Deniece Williams while still in high school. JBJ then traveled with the great Chuck Mangione from 1977 to 1981 boasting many gold records like the hit song “Feel So Good”. After a short break in 1982 JBJ was doing musical workshops and clinics. James went on to create the group Urban Gypsy where he fussed Rock and Funk. Then he toured with R&B superstar Anita Baker 1986-87, legendary Pianist Joe Sample 1987-1988, and with R&B great Vocalist Jeffrey Osborne 1988-1989. In the nineties JBJ hooked up with alternative rockers Mary’s Danish, The Go Go’s Gina Shock, The Beastie Boys, The JBJ Exp, Slash, Crazy Town and many others.

Known internationally as the drummer for the multi- platinum rock band “CRAZY TOWN” (1999 to 2003), As the drummer in CRAZY TOWN, JBJ played on one full length albums for release on Columbia records. With the release of their third single “Butterfly”, off the album “The Gift of Game”, CRAZY TOWN grabbed the number one slot on the billboard top 200 and managed to go number one in countries all over the world. With gold and platinum records from the United States, Canada, and Germany. JBJ reached a status rarely achieved among recording artists. JBJ also had endorsed deals with companies like Puma, Hurley, Adidas, Homeboy Couture, Mesa Boogie, Randall, Dean Markley and Line-6. JBJ are now playing and recording with his own band the Rock/Punk band KILL YOUR DARLINGZ .

~ More About Bill Myers Inspires ~ 

Emmy Award-winning actor Bill Myers is an accomplished actor, jazz musician, filmmaker, writer, educator, and speaker. As a bi-racial man who is both black and white, Bill leverages his background, talents, and voice through creativity, compassion, and connection as activism for social justice to focus on uniting the divide and compelling change.

In a civic leadership capacity, he has served as President of the African American Jazz Caucus in NYC, member of the Indianapolis Cultural Development Committee, and served as President of the Indianapolis Downtown Optimist Club. In addition to his Emmy Award, Bill has received many awards and notable commissions for his work including being commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create an original work for Dr. Martin Luther King Day entitled “The Music, Martin & Me.”

Bill Myers seeks to encourage, enlighten, and empower others through the power of entertainment to affect social justice.

You can find him at his website Billmyersinspires.com, Bill Myers Inspires on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/billmyersinspires/, Twitter https://twitter.com/bmyersinspires1, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/billmyersinspires/  , or via email billmyersinspires@gmail.com.

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