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Do you desire to have a different reality with money right now?

Who isn’t sick of feeling frustrated around money? Most of us think deep down that as infinite, master creators of our lives, we should be able to actualize the game-changing amounts of money we’d like to have.

So, can you?


But… along with that knowing comes a sneaky symptom…. almost a curse: the “right now!” mentality; we demand and expect instant gratification. And this can become a HUGE obstacle that actually keeps us from actualizing money.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for change right now. Right now is the only time change can show up! But if you want to set yourself up for failure, I highly recommend demanding that your whole money reality change by tomorrow.

What does this do? It ignores the fact that you’ve spent your whole life creating your current money reality. Seriously.

Ask yourself: are you expecting the Universe to turn everything on a dime? The result = tomorrow or whatever deadline you set is cursed to pass by and take you straight into conclusion: “This doesn’t work,” “I’m not magic,” “creating stuff is hard,” or whatever your favorite version of a pity party is. And voila, you’ve cut off your magic, cursed yourself, and now you’re definitely stuck with your constricted, crappy money reality. Wee!

Or, you could not do that. You’re simply fake-cursing yourself!

You can ask for change right now. You absolutely can demand change as the magic you be. But what would happen if you did this without attachment to the outcome? Or the time frame?

Attachment (to time, an outcome; anything) always creates bunch of conclusions that shut off the flow of creation.

The difference is hat when you are demanding and expecting instant gratification = you are being the attached to the ‘how’ and ‘when’ something should show up.

This definitely happens when you say: “I’ve got to create this now, and if it doesn’t get created now, then [conclusion A], [conclusion B] and especially [conclusion C]!!!”

We’ve spent years creating our current money reality, which for many of us is pretty constricted. And understandably, we want an instant fix and lift the curse. However, that constricted reality has a lot of inertia behind it, and gobs of money may not be ready to show up just yet.

So how do you do it?

Acknowledge and change immediately our points of view. This is: who we’re being, and what we’re choosing around money. This is step 1!

To dive in right away, I’ve got some juicy stuff you can choose now that’ll help speed up the actualization of money in your life:

  1. Choose the magic you be! Stop using the failure of instant gratification to prove you’re not magic! You’re hella magic!
  2. In fact, how about letting go of allattachment to instant gratification, and let the Universe surprise and delight you when it delivers what you’ve been asking for in the juiciest ways!
  3. Destroy and uncreate all the conclusions you’ve gone to in the past, and then projected into your future, when instant gratification didn’t happen.
  4. Notice all the ways money is showing up for you—that extra dollar you found in your wallet, the lower price of gas today, that coupon you found for your favorite burrito place. “Thank you, I’ll have more of that please!”

What’s possible now!?

Cory Michelle


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