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Stepright with Lynn Whetham

What if every person did what they could to give to someone else on a regular basis and it gained huge momentum? What would that be like? What if each one of us lived up to our own potential and managed our resources so well that we could provide for ourselves, our families and our communities in a meaningful and substantial way?    519-654-8342


October 28, 2015-YOU – A Force For Good ~ Guest Cindy Stone

Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show YOU- A FORCE FOR GOOD with guest Cindy Stone: A compassionate approach to creating connections, empowering yourself and enriching the lives of others. Have you ever experienced something where you wished you could make a change, but you thought, Who am I? Who am I to make a difference? Who am I to impact other lives?…and that was all it took to stop you. We will...

October 21, 2015-The State of Canadian Film Making and What it Means to You ~ Guest Priya Rao

Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Films and Documentaries are incredible tools for communication and change.  We will discuss motivation and challenge as it relates to this industry and its...

October 14, 2015-10 Vital Steps to Making Friends with Your Money; Lynn Whetham

Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show How are you and your money getting along?  Are you giving the relationship the attention it deserves?  Do you allow money a place in your master plan or do you believe you can separate it from the rest of your life?  Join Lynn as she discusses the 10 vital steps to a great...

October 7, 2015-Coming to a Theatre Near You! Suubi: Drum, Dance, Dream – Guest Valerie Hill

Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show 6 Canadians travel to Uganda to exchange ideas about music, dance and life.  Join Valerie Hill as she shares her “Dream for Uganda”. See the film...

September 30, 2015-Peace Through Education with Guest Gem Munro

Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Defeating ignorance with the most powerful force known to man:...

September 16, 2015-Retiring; from what? with guest Bill Schwarz, B.A. J.D.

Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show In the past retirement may have been considered the end.  The end of work, the end of productivity and the end of added value and approaching the end of life.  No wonder many avoid thoughts of retirement.  What are the new realities?  What has changed?  What options are now available?  How can you take control and design the retirement or un-retirement lifestyle of...

September 9, 2015-What you should know about Charitable Giving in Canada ~ Guest Sherri Grosz

Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Canadians are generous.  We give to many charities every year.  In 2013, the vast majority of Canadians (82%) made financial donations to a charitable or non-profit organization.  The average annual amount per donor was $531 in 2013, up $61 from 2010.  The “top donors,” defined as the 25% of donors who contributed the most money, contribute to about four fifths of...

September 2, 2015-Can I make a Difference? With guest Reverend Canon Linda Nixon

Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show The challenges affect us all. Whose responsibility is it to conserve the environment?  Whose responsibility is to ensure our children are educated?  That our neighbors have jobs?  That children are fed? Does it matter if I’m informed?  Do my values make a difference?  What influence do I have? Are my small efforts of any significance at all? Join Lynn as she...

August 26, 2015-And the Moral of the Story is….with Guest Tanya MacIntyre

Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Our lives are made up of the stories we live and tell.  Please join Lynn and Tanya as they share simple stories that create the fabric of...

August 19, 2015-What Would You Do If Money Was Not An Object? With Guest Host Tanya MacIntyre

Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Life pulls us in multiple directions and most of them are motivated to earn money to pay bills.  What would change in your life, if money was no object?  Tanya speaks with her guest who made a bold decision to start concentrating on loving life instead of paying bills. Jane Wojtaszynski:  ~ Tanya...
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