Aligning Divine ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine is all about lining up with Your Divine Essence and living it every day!  Keisha Clark is inviting you to a fresh perspective of being “a spiritual being having a human experience.”  What would you like it to be, for you?

We will dive into topics to inspire and invite you to re-cognize and re-member your Divine Nature, and to become more resonant with your Divine Essence.  What could you truly become capable of, as you shift into greater resonance and alignment with your essence?

It’s time for you to Know that You are required and desired to be participating in the Ah-Mazing co-creation on this planet right now!  Let’s Celebrate the unique, brilliant and powerful expression of the Universe, that is YOU.

Keisha Clark


July 1, 2020-Can You Choose Freedom? ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark  There are endless conversations about freedom; what it is, who can have it, what it costs, who pays for it, and on it goes.  And in spite of our pontificating on the ideas and themes of freedom, not to mention (though we are, here) the endless political speeches, it seems that more people struggle with the idea of freedom, rather than experience it. One of my top ten quotes is...

June 3, 2020-Thoughts, Beliefs or Knowing – Which Do You Choose? ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark  Which would you rather have – your thoughts? Your beliefs? Or your Knowing?  You can have all three, of course; you already do, in fact.  But two out of those three actually keep you in a limited range of choice and creation.  The other one can give you a whole lot more.  The thing is, you might not yet know how to use it, and you might not have learned to trust it yet. ...

May 27, 2020-A Divine Identity Crisis ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show Have you ever had the experience (maybe more than a few) of feeling like you are having an identity crisis? Like everything you knew yourself to be is completely challenged, and what used to feel like your normal instead feels foreign and fuzzy?  And of course when you add something like a global pandemic to the mix, it can get even more crazy and more intense and be...

May 6, 2020-Are Your Positive Thoughts Netting a Negative ROI? ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show Have you been trying to attract positive experiences by thinking positive thoughts, but having less than positive results?  The popular associations of the words “positive” and “negative” can be great for marketing and motivational speeches, but they can often also be a source of confusion and frustration in everyday real life.  We are actually quite brilliant...

April 29, 2020-Timeless Body, Ageless Soul ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show You have likely heard the expressions "ageless body" and "timeless soul".  This week we are mixing it up a bit and exploring the timeless nature of bodies and the ageless-ness of souls.  What could there be for us to play with, if we suspend those two structures? And where could we go if we released ourselves from chronology?   ~ More Aligning Divine With Keisha...

April 22, 2020-Dominion, Dominance and Evolution ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show LOTS to Celebrate today, with Earth Day 2020, and another installment in our Resolve To Evolve Series - in addition to all of the other Awesomeness going on in the world!  This week we are exploring the ideas and effects of "dominion" and "dominance" and how that plays into our journey of evolution, as well as the evolution of our planet earth playground.  Maybe it's...

April 15, 2020-Going to the Well, To Be Well ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show Within our well is our wellness, and our wealth.  What is your well?  And do you go to it to be sourced?  Are you actively choosing to be replenished and renewed?  This week, we are going to the well and diving into the possibilities it holds for us to activate and expand our wellness all the way through our body, self and Soul.  ** If you would like to play more...

April 8, 2020-Shining Your Light in the Middle of a Sh!t Show ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show YES! You CAN Shine Your Light - Right-smack-dab in the middle of a shit show! If you have been wondering whether you need to have permission or if it's even allowed (which of course you Know it is) to dare to shine your light in the middle of a shit show that might be going on around you right now; we are here to tell you - Abso-freeking-lutely, in All Capital Letters,...

March 25, 2020-Separate Togetherness ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show Every day there are more amazing stories coming from all around our corona-influenced world. Inspirational articles and stories, about ways people are coming together to sing, pray, eat, collaborate – to have moments of connection, regardless of being in separate places, all around the world.  Have you been able to appreciate the irony in that?  Join Keisha for this...

March 18, 2020-Created for This Moment ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show We all arrive at certain moments that we are struck with some awareness, some knowing, some recognition that now is the time to bring a certain(s) creation forward; to activate it or to share it into the world.  All that we have been and are, creating in our lives has relevance to something – it just may not be what or how or when we think or thought it would be. ...