Aligning Divine ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine is all about lining up with Your Divine Essence and living it every day!  Keisha Clark is inviting you to a fresh perspective of being “a spiritual being having a human experience.”  What would you like it to be, for you?

We will dive into topics to inspire and invite you to re-cognize and re-member your Divine Nature, and to become more resonant with your Divine Essence.  What could you truly become capable of, as you shift into greater resonance and alignment with your essence?

It’s time for you to Know that You are required and desired to be participating in the Ah-Mazing co-creation on this planet right now!  Let’s Celebrate the unique, brilliant and powerful expression of the Universe, that is YOU.

Keisha Clark


April 17, 2019-Embodiment – The Universe Expressing To, In, As & Through You ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show Have you ever considered the ‘who’ you are neither begins nor ends with your body?  And yet your body is a vital part of you getting to know who you are.  You are a Being (an energy that has consciousness) and you have this phenomenal host creature that is called your body – are you engaging it?  And are you allowing it to show you the many ways to engage your...

April 10, 2019-Aligning with Your Divine ~ Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show “Divine” may sound like a mystical word, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery. Within each of us, there is a spark of the Essence that gives rise to ‘all that is’ in the Universe. We could also call it ‘the Divine spark’ or ‘Divine Essence’. In any case, it is the energy that sources the entire Universe ~ and it is what sources us as well. So what does...

June 19, 2018-22nd Century Consciousness ~ Keisha Clark

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Living Beyond Linear with Keisha Clark Keisha Clark Product Package for ICN 22nd Century Consciousness Showcase 1. Audio recording – value $49 – Align with your Divine A guided centering and focusing exercise to open your energy and your body to your Divine essence. This is a great process for times you desire to shed the residue from your day, or when you just...

November 24, 2017-We Don’t (Have to) Say Goodbye ~ with Keisha Clark

Living Beyond Linear Radio Show with Keisha Clark What if we really don't have to say Goodbye?  There is so much ritual and process around 'saying goodbye' primarily with death and dying.  And what if there is a way we can honor what the Beings and the Bodies are experiencing, while allowing our connection to stay open - if we desire to choose that?  And what if them leaving their body does not have to mean...

November 17, 2017-Changing How You Choose ~ Special Guest, Dr. Ron Jahner

Living Beyond Linear Radio Show with Keisha Clark Would you like to start Changing How You Choose? Finding yourself overwhelmed? Exhausted? Running on empty? Does it feel like your whole life will implode if you drop one of the little pieces you are so carefully trying to keep in place? Are you frustrated from trying to change what you are doing that creates the craziness, and just ending up feeling more crazy?...

November 10, 2017-The Highest Common Denominator ~ with Keisha Clark

Living Beyond Linear Radio Show with Keisha Clark What is our Highest Common Denominator? Don't worry - no math skills are required to enjoy this week's show!  We are simply having a bit of fun with a different perspective of a mathematical phrase that has been interestingly applied to describe particular types of people in society - that actually does not have anything to do with what it mathematically means. ...

November 3, 2017-Terms & Conditions Apply ~ with Keisha Clark

Living Beyond Linear Radio Show with Keisha Clark How many terms & conditions are you applying to your life? Wouldn't it be great if you could just snap into to 'living on your own terms' and have truly 'unconditional' relationships?  And yet, terms & conditions can be sneaky little buggers and we can be up to our eyeballs in them before we even know what hit us!  This week we take a Beyond-Linear look...

October 13, 2017-Trading Crazies ~ with Keisha Clark

Living Beyond Linear Radio Show with Keisha Clark What do you do when you feel like you are going crazy?  Do you play with questions to get some clarity? Or do you go into trying to solve the problem of your crazy with another kind of crazy?  Many people choose the latter, and wonder why they never get to feel not crazy - pretty crazy, eh? This week's Beyond-Linear adventure is into "crazy" ~ What are we...

October 6, 2017-Game of Minds ~ with Keisha Clark

Living Beyond Linear Radio Show with Keisha Clark We pick up a little bit down the road from our conversation a couple of weeks ago, playing with more about our minds.  Do you let people get inside your mind? Do you get inside other peoples' minds?  Is this mind thing just a game we play?  And just who gets to say who is in their right mind, and who isn't?... One of my favorite quotes is by Steve Biko ~ "The...

September 29, 2017-Animals Are Not Crackers ~ with Special Co-Host, Lilaroo!

Living Beyond Linear Radio Show with Keisha Clark What would our lives be like, if there were no animals?  Really - give that a couple minutes of pondering - What are you aware of? Do you get a sense of how incredibly different our experience on this planet would be, if there were no other creatures to share it with?  Whether you like them or don't - animals touch all of our lives in some way. Join Keisha and...