What Does the Dad Say? – Guest – Johnny Musumeci

What Does the Dad Say? – Guest – Johnny Musumeci

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September 25, 2015 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

What do Dads get to say, when it comes to the ending of a relationship?  Do they actually have a say in how the relationship ends and how the relationship with their children will proceed?  There are a lot of cases where the parents come to a decision about the time each other will have with the children BUT unfortunately there is also a large number of parents out there who can’t come to a decision.  What else is possible for Dad’s who are finding it challenging to navigate all of the stages of this life changing event?  Keisha welcomes Johnny Musumeci this week, to talk about issues many Dads face during separation and divorce, and his work to empower Dads to move through the process with more ease, while continuing to build their relationship with their children.

Johnny Musumeci is the “bloke’s best mate during separation/divorce.”  As an international separation/divorce coach, John specializes in working with men during a time that can be unfamiliar and emotional, especially when there are children involved.  John has also created a support group for both men and women to work together in a safe and friendly environment, as he facilitates them to focus on their long-term goals involving their children and improving communication with the other partner.

John has a great passion for facilitating men through the stages of separation and divorce.  He has first hand experience of navigating this process with children involved.  He absolutely loves being a father and spending time with his kids.  John knows how important it is to be the best person you can be during this journey.  He also knows it is possible to come through it a better person, for both his clients and the children involved.

You can learn more about Johnny here – www.johnnym.com.au

and you can email him at johnny@johnnym.com.au

You can find Keisha at www.livingweal.com

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