What Does Sex Have to Do with Kindness? Guest ~ Christel Crawford

What Does Sex Have to Do with Kindness? Guest ~ Christel Crawford

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October 16, 2015 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Keisha welcomes Christel Crawford back to her show this week, for a stop on Christel’s Kindness of Sex Radio Tour!

So what does sex have to do with Kindness?  Normally we might phrase that question the other way round, and – what would change if we allowed sex to be part of the Kindness that is possible for us?  When do we be in allowance of sex?  Ever?  And when do we actually begin having sex?  If we are not in allowance of sex, can we truly be having it?  And if not, is that truly a kindness to ourselves, or anyone else?

In her Amazing new class, The Kindness of Sex, Christel is inviting us to explore beyond the conventional meanings, significance and limitations of sex.  What if there’s a space where the kindness of who we are, our gentleness, nurturing, caring and joy can contribute and gift a space where the expansion of both people is truly possible?  The kindness of sex is a space of being where nothing is judged.  And unlike most other spaces, includes all of you.

Christel Crawford is an author and transformation creator.  She travels all over the world and facilitates online programs &  classes on life-change, different possibilities for money flows, body change and business expansion.
She has been featured on radio shows & podcasts, and is the author of  several upcoming books.
Today, Christel is the owner of her own thriving life transformation business, and the steward & muse of The Kindness of Sex and Being is the Point.   www.thekindnessofsex.com


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