We Don’t See Our Ripples? Guest Simran Singh

We Don’t See Our Ripples? Guest Simran Singh

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March 15, 2017 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

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Where in your life have you been creating, gifting and contributing with your every choice to others, but you don’t see your value?  Have you actually taken a moment to acknowledge the ripples you have made in the world?  Do you know what occurs when you do begin to acknowledge all of you?

Join Christine McIver and her wonderful Guest Simran Singh this week as they dive deep into this impactful topic.  Both Christine and Simran know this very intimately in their lives and the people they work with in their businesses.  Simran is a returning guest to the Inspired Choices Radio Show and someone who has contributed to Christine seeing her ripples in the world.  Come and play to receive more of what is possible for you!

Simran Singh ~ IPPY Gold Award-winning author of Conversations With the Universe, in addition to Your Journey to Enlightenment and Your Journey to Love, SIMRAN SINGH creates experiences for individuals and audiences in expressing consciousness through storytelling, song, poetry and soul art. As a Rebel Humanitarian, she stretches the boundaries of the mind and heart enticing individuals into the unknown with bold truths and intriguing conversation. SIMRAN, #1 rated, syndicated host of Voice America’s 11:11 Talk Radio and publisher of award-winning 11:11 Magazine is Host of New Thought Channel Television Network’s 11:11 InnerViews TV and a One Woman Show The Rebel Road. SIMRAN is also author of IPPY Gold Award winning Conversations With The Universe, Your Journey to Enlightenment and Your Journey to Love. As a recognized speaker and catalyst for love, compassion and humanity, Simran is an ‘Example’ for a New World Experience of Aliveness that integrates the Visionary and Mystic embodied within each person on the planet. www.iamsimran.com www.1111mag.com

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Christine McIver is a Possibilities Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator who is driven to inspire individuals and organizations to make choices that will bring them greater joy, self confidence and remarkable positive change.

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