Water Cooler Conversations ~ Ep #2: Guest Hosts, Rhonda Burns & Sayler Shiningstar

Water Cooler Conversations ~ Ep #2: Guest Hosts, Rhonda Burns & Sayler Shiningstar

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March 18, 2020 by Water Cooler Conversations

Water Cooler Conversations Radio Show

Join our hosts Rhonda Burns and Sayler Shiningstar as they enjoy and invite you into a conversation around the water cooler.  Please join them live in the chatroom and feel free to call in with your ideas, questions, fears, contributions.  Everyone is welcome!

Imagine meeting around the water cooler to feel more connected during these current times. The world is in a tailspin right now and many people are feeling the effects in ways they might not have imagined they would. Fears are running high, stress levels are increasing by the minute and uncertainty is the word of the day.

With the immediate transition to having to socially isolate for the interim time, many are unsure what to think, how to act and in some cases, how to breathe with ease. The Inspired Choices Network has created an impromptu hour, twice per week to help support, reassure and offer assistance during this difficult time of transition.

Please join one of our amazing hosts as they come online to share words of wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, laughter and much more.

The song played during the show was by Keisha Clark, called: Global Embrace. You can purchase your copy at either CDBaby: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/keishaclark or on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/GlobalEmbraceOnAmazonUS


Today’s Co-Hosts are: Rhonda Burns, Soul Desire Catalyst, Spiritual Mentor & Coach and Sayler Shiningstar. 

To reach Rhonda, feel free to email her: rhonda@rhonda-burns.com or visit her at: https://www.rhonda-burns.com.

To reach Sayler, feel free to email her: saylershiningstar@gmail.com.

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